Mosaics Of Sonia King Information

Many great artworks were uncovered in different archeological sites all over the world which includes centuries-old mosaics. Indeed, mosaics have been around for centuries and its popularity cannot be questioned. One of the most well-liked mosaic artists is Sonia King. Does the name ring a bell? King is a famous contemporary mosaic artist. Her works can be seen in galleries, architectural structures, home settings, and in communities. Corporate, public, and private collections also boast King’s artworks, nationwide and even internationally.

According to spectators, the mosaics of Sonia King show intimate environment views. The audience will truly appreciate the beauty of the natural world through the artworks of King. Most of King’s mosaics are abstract landscapes, gentle terrains, and other environmental scenes which are mostly earth-toned.

Sonia King is one of the best because she can show the individuality of the materials and at the same time creating homogeny. Each of the segments is alluring and yet when these segments are put together, it creates an engaging piece of art.

If you happen to be near Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, drop by at the establishment and at the main lobby, you will see ‘Nebula Chroma’. This is a mosaic created by Sonia King for the center. Four of the mosaics in this center have won a Spectrum Award in an international competition. The award was sponsored by different organizations such as Tile Council of America, Assopiastrelle of Italy, and Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in Spain, Ceramic Tile Dealers Association, and National Tile Contractors Association. King’s achievements and creativity were recognized by this international award.

This year, Sonia King will take part in a Tunisia Class in France. It is mosaic workshop which can help you in enhancing your skills as an artist in a stimulating and inspiring environment. France is a country where mosaic is considered part of the traditions for centuries now. The locals are very kind and hospitable ad your will love their culture. If you want, you can join the workshop.

Last January 10-31, 2009, an exhibit was held in Dallas at the White Rock Lake. The mosaics were housed in Bath House Cultural Center and the exhibit was entitled ‘Sum of All Parts 2’. It showcased diverse exhibitions of the works of local as well as national and international mosaic artists. The theme of the mosaics was ancient art as a medium for cotemporary arts.

The SAMA conference started last February 28, 2009 and it will continue until April 26. Sonia King will also be there and she will hold a half-day mosaic workshop about using the right tools and mosaic cutting techniques. The SAMA conference also holds an exhibit of the best and finest contemporary mosaics which includes the ‘Spinoff’.

This coming June 2009, Sonia King is going be a guest artist in Oregon for ‘2009 Festival of Arts’ which will held in Lake Oswego. You can see King in a preview party during the festival. She will also teach in one of the advanced mosaic workshop and will be one of the jury in the exhibit. This festival has been held for the past 46 years to give value to contemporary mosaic.

In Dallas, Pleasant Grove Library is still in the design phase and Sonia King was already chosen to be the artist to create mosaics for the new library.