Mosaic Crafts Information

Whether you’re young or old, you can create mosaic crafts. With just a bit of creativity and imagination, you can already make functional pieces or stunning objects for home or office use. Through this form of art, you can create original art pieces and decorate your furniture.

The method for creating mosaic crafts the same whether you’re using small or large tiles. A base is a chosen to hold the tiles. If you want to learn more about mosaics, you can search online for some samples or you can also read books and other reading materials. The tiles are commonly called tesserae; these make up the mosaic. Since spaces between the tesserae can’t be avoided, grout is placed to cover the gaps. The grout also highlights the work, making it more attractive and captivating. The tesserae can be old plates, metal, glass, wood, rubber, and other materials.

When creating your mosaic craft, you will need these things – tesserae, tile cutter or tile nippers, glass cutter, good quality gloves, safety goggles, hammer, buckets, water jug, adhesive, sponges, clean cloths, grout or cement, sharp knife, and a plastic cover.

Preparation is essential in creating a mosaic craft. Choosing the base is often one of the most important concerns. Are you going to put the mosaic outdoors or indoors? If you want to create mosaic for any outdoor space, the base should be water resistant or is not subject to moisture. You can use wood base for indoor mosaic. The choice is yours.

You need to make sure that the surface is almost flat. It should not contain extreme curves because you will have a hard time in applying the grout. If you’re planning to use a wood base, don’t forget to ‘score’ its surfaces. PVA glue is great for working on wood surfaces and it is available in almost all hardware stores. For those who prefer to use adhesive, try to check if it adheres to the substance of the base and the tesserae. The surface should be clean so that the glue/adhesive and the grout will attach easily.

There are different varieties of tesserae available in the market. There are large ones as well as small ones. The tesserae also have a variety of colors and shades to choose from. Ceramics and glass tesserae are among the best materials that you can use. Purchasing in bulk can save you a lot of money. Check out your stock room and see if you can find old plates or old tiles. With these things, you can create your very own tesserae. Use a hammer and wear your safety goggles to create small pieces of tiles and plates.

Don’t forget to get the right grout color. You need to choose a grout color that is darker than the tile’s color. If the gaps are wide, get the sanded grout but if you’re going to work on finer spaces, the smooth grout is the best choice. Make sure that the tesserae are strongly attached to the base before you grout the spaces.

In order to finish your mosaic art in no time, you should be inspired. Why don’t you watch TV shows or walk around the city; perhaps you can find your inspiration in any of these places. Mosaic crafts are easy to create especially if you’re doing a simple design. Try it now.