Mosaic Books Information

If you’re learning to do mosaics, perhaps its time that you purchase any of the popular mosaic books available in the market. Here is a list of great books about mosaic.

Glass on Glass Book by Seymour

In this book, you will learn how to transform your table into a work of art. You will use stained glass for this project because of its translucent properties and glowing color. If you’re an avid gardener and you want to add something different to create a more interesting effect, learn how to create mosaic table. The book costs under $20.

Mosaic Unlimited by Stewart

In this book, you can learn innovative techniques. You can use such techniques to complete the easy projects included in the book. Hot glass mosaic is also introduced in this book. The projects come with colored pictures and detailed instructions. The book costs under $16.

Mosaic Mirror, Planters, and More by Stewart

You will find fourteen dazzling mosaic designs in this book for platters, frames, and mirrors. Detailed instructions are provided with photos included. Inspiring projects will surely tickle your interest in mosaic and one great thing about the projects is that you won’t need any molds. This book costs under $15.

Backyard Mosaics Book by Sheerin

You can use this book to cheer up your deck, garden, patio, and yard. Outdoor mosaics are great and this book provides varied lovely designs that will suit different spaces. Whether you’re an experienced or a novice mosaic artist, this book can be very useful. It only costs about $14.

Mosaic Table Art Book by Kyle

This book features sixteen designs for contemporary and floral tabletops. It teaches the reader mounting techniques. The instructions are easy to understand with full colored photos of the project. This book is only about $17.

Mosaic Pictures in Glass Book by Stewart

Stewart is an author of several mosaic books and some of his works were mentioned earlier. In this book, you will learn how to create mosaic arts on tiles, plywood, travertine, etc. Different patterns are also provided such as landscapes, florals, still lifes, seascapes, and fantasy. Colored photos are available and you can choose among options like cover glass construction, selection, and framing. This book costs more or less $16.

Tiffany Garden Book by Bishop/Day

You will learn how to create charming mosaic pieces for your outdoor spaces using bricks and stepping stones. You can choose among the twenty patterns. The book is only $14.50

Garden Variety Book by Bisho0/Day

Here you will learn more about garden motifs specifically for garden stepping stones with different sizes, shapes, and scenes. The book provides complete instructions, glass lists, and the materials needed. Some of the patterns are also great for windows. The book has colored photos.

Tiffany Garden II Book by Bishop/Day

In this book, you will find twenty five designs for brick shapes (14″ and 8’x8′). It also has complete instructions on how to make tabletop and stepping stones designs.

You can get the books in leading bookstores or you can try searching for them in online stores. The mosaic books are really affordable and you can read them at home or even in the office during break time. With the colored pictures, you can already imagine the actual project. Hurry and be a mosaic artist. Purchase any of the books now.