Mortgage Presentation Software

Mortgage Presentation Software: The Top Lenders Tool

Any average American would have a mortgage or two in his entire lifetime. Mortgages are there to make ends meet and to acquire properties for some. It’s a prevalent fact of life. And when it is you that is at the selling end of the big picture, it is imperative that you equip yourself with all the materials and tools that would help you get your message across.

Most sales pitches for mortgages have been closed through sheer verbal persuasion and some printed materials as visuals. When the borrowers are thinking about your proposal, it is best that you give it your best shot the first time. It is necessary that a more powerful tool be used so that their decision could be influenced.

There are now mortgage presentations on software. With this great tool, the borrowers that you would need to convince would think that you have prepared well for the presentation to appear professional when, in fact, it’s as easy as spending a minute online!

Most of the software are equipped with calculators (the most necessary tool on this type of presentation). This calculator allows financial planners and borrowers to do reviews on their mortgage. So how do you use it? You simply input some numbers and voila, the results come out on the shown page. If you are familiar with rate sheets, then you can easily utilize this tool.

Another good thing about this software is that it allows you to calculate and compare 4 different loans that you can offer to your borrower. These options include interest only, classic option arm, fixed option or fixed option arm.

Now here is a more detailed procedure of using this tool. Make sure to be careful with the numbers you input. Your commission depends on that:

1. Begin by information gathering. Ask all the necessary figures from the borrower. There are also information available from Calyx Point, Processing software, or PreQual Magic.

2. Next, enter all the following figures: current information on mortgage (first and second mortgages); your personal contact information; the amount of their savings; the total of their other debts; and finally, the rates that can be offered to the borrower.

3. The next amount to enter is the sum that you would pay off plus any cash backs. Then you could put in the closing costs. This should be able to suggest the total amount of the loan. The borrower would also see the comparisons when a combo loan is chosen.

4. The loan amount can now be entered and this should result in presentations. It can be the snapshot of the present loan, graphs that show some details, their amortizations, or even hypothetical amounts (say, what will happen in 5 years when they have paid parts of the mortgage or how much they have saved by paying in full on time). Reports can also be accessed with up to four different comparisons. The most important part of that presentation (the one that you should stress to the borrower) is the amount that they can save in settling for the mortgage that is being offered.

Help is now available to those who seek for technological help. Offering mortgage is now more than just plain talk. It is being able to present the facts right out and be able to convince the borrower that what you have is the best.