Moral Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

According to April Holladay science journalist for USATODAY There is an impressive list of monogamous animals in our world. The list includes the wildest of the wild such as the gray wolf. Much new information has been gathered about the wolves as a direct result of the work being done by the Yellowstone Gray Restoration Project.

Animals that mate for life include a seabird called a prion, French angel fish, pigeons, ospreys, prairie voles, coyotes, beavers, barn owls, golden eagles, red tailed hawks, black vultures, swans, condors, anglerfish, brolga cranes, Gibbon apes, termites and of course America’s much beloved bald eagle.

An amazing 90 percent of birds mate for life. This is impressive considering there are upwards of 10,000 species of birds. Only about 3 percent of mammals are monogamous.

Philandering does take place among the monogamous species with exception of the California field mouse. Studies have shown that this Mickey never mates with anyone but his own little Minnie at anytime during its life.

The cheating among pairing animals is explained by evolutionists as you might expect because of some subconscious drive to preserve the species.

Darwinists are unwilling to admit that the powerful sex drive in all species can take care of itself and the preservation of species. As if the sex drive were not potent enough they have attached a mythical incognizant consciousness (the subconscious of species) with a highly cognizant consciousness that plots and schemes for its own preservation. These conclusions are convenient when you don’t believe life was designed by intelligence. It is, however, the equivalent of giving consciousness to something already noted for being unconscious. This gives new meaning to the term “doublespeak.”

Using the same argument to answer mans failure at monogamy is a failure in itself…why? Unlike animals mankind is aware of the limited resources of the earth and the unlimited growth in the population. Mankind is certainly the only species that cannot use survival of the species as an excuse for philandering even while trying to find ways to curb burgeoning population growth.

Using the monogamy of animals to argue for the sanctity of marriage in humans would fail except in the case of the California field mouse. That is why this argument won’t go there. There is yet another heretofore unmentioned item about animal monogamy that is far more illustrative and powerful.

Simply stated, regardless of what species birds or mammals one thing remains universal. They never mate for life with those of the same gender.

The much loved tropical pet fish known as the guppy (black molly) is noted for its ability to change its gender. If all the fish in one tank are of the same gender one or more of them will change its gender. This is perhaps the only legitimate case for survival of the species known to man.

It should be noted however that the mollies do not engage in same sex unions at all but wait for one or more fish to completely change gender. This in no way relates to gender changes in humans through medical procedures for one obvious and important reason. In humans a sex change can never result in producing offspring.

The lesson here should be obvious. Setting aside the Biblical mandates and just about every system of ethics and morality known to man you have yet to meet up with one more powerful universal force that says no to homosexuality and same sex unions…Mother Nature.

It can be argued that if civilization can ignore Father God it won’t matter much what Mother Nature has to say.

Listening to either God or nature is not as important today as doing what feels good. Good thinking has been bought and paid for by feeling good and with a wispy though blatantly misguided notion that “it can’t be wrong if it feels so right.” This seems like a completely innocuous notion, harmless and happy in every way.

It seems like thinking rationally must move over for feeling good. It seems like creatures are alike so they must have evolved. It seems like same sex unions don’t hurt anyone and God didn’t really mean what he said about them. It seems like empiricism and high science is helping us to finally get our civilization on track. It seems like “its all good.”

It seems like we have forgotten or refuse to know one important and immutable biblical truth that even Mother Nature concurs with. Let’s see. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12