Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation

Vacation to Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. Montego Bay is widely known as MoBay. Miles and miles of steamy beaches surround the city. There is an international airport at Montego Bay; therefore, tourists from all over the world can come here by air.

The location of the city is eye-catching and beautiful. Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation offers a nice opportunity to explore various scenic places of Montego Bay. A visit to the city offers excellent beaches, charming mountains and an array of beach activities.

There are many tourist attractions near Montego Bay. Doctor’s Cave Beach is one of the most appealing beaches of Montego Bay. The beach is famous for white sands, navy seashores and abundance of bars and restaurants. The beach is wide spread over five-miles of land and it is the perfect place for swimming and enjoying various water sports because the waters of the are plain and calm. You can get changing rooms there as well to change your clothes. The beach is quite suitable for a families.

If you want to laze around in sun, sand and sea then start your Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation from the Cornwall Beach. This scenic beach is always packed by visitors and it is surrounded by fair, smooth and sugary sands. The waters are clean and placid, so you can enjoy swimming here and it is an ideal place to take the whole family.

Tourists can also enjoy rafting during Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation. Martha Brae’s village is famous for river rafting. Sitting on a raised dais of bamboo logs you can see the picturesque glory of the river.

Montego Bay is the home for many resorts and beachfront hotels. It is also famous as the hub of the Jamaican tourism and marketplace for a massive part of western Jamaica. The city of Montego houses both ancient and modern constructions. Walter Fletcher Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the city. The beach is always full with travelers and visitors.

A large number of tourists come here to relish various beach activities and water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, water sailing and other water sports.

Do not miss a visit to the Rose Hall, during your Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation. The Rose Hall is the most popular Grand House of Montego. The house is completely re-established on a sugar plantation. The construction of this historical house is eye-catching and it is the symbol of the architectural marvels of olden Jamaica.

Rocklands Feeding Station is another worth visiting spot at South of Montego. The Rocklands is dwelling to some of the migrant birds in the world. You can get here some of the rare species of birds like Doctor Bird, the national bird of Jamaica, mango hummingbird and the orange quit. Visitors can give food to the birds here.

The Ipswich Caves are located in the dense mountain woods. You have to pass through coconut and banana grooves to reach the caves. All the caves are carved from limestone and all of them are beautiful and eye-catching. Enjoy Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation visiting the beaches and exploring the beauty of the place.