Money Story, Magnetic or True North?

I have heard a lot of money stories this week. Have you?

I’ve heard money stories all my life. I grew up with the money stories of my family, I’ve had my own and I’ve heard them in casual conversations ever since I can remember. But over time I have begun listening to money stories in a different way. Especially to those of my clients.

Your dominant money story indicates how you run your business, how you live your life and how you see yourself.

A Client’s Money Story

Jane become aware of her money story after living it out subconsciously for many years. Her story had been, “I’m not someone who has money.”

As a rule, Jane had also kept her dreams and desires at a distance. One of these distant dreams was to go the Olympics, but she only thought of it as a dream, not a possibility. Once, a friend offered her a free ticket to the summer Olympics. Jane was afraid her spouse would be angry so she never even mentioned it and resigned herself to not going.

There was always something to keep her from the dreams and desires in her heart. More often than not, it was directly or indirectly related to money. Imagine how that feels over the course of a lifetime.

Jane had unconsciously set up situations to keep her story going. Imagine the habits and behaviors she must have developed to perpetuate this story.

One was a habit of worrying about not having a financial cushion. Yet, when she had accumulated savings a few times in her life, she impulsively spent it on something that caught her attention in the moment.

She had also felt ashamed of her money situation from the time she was a young woman. Shame is a debilitating feeling that there is something inherently wrong with you.

Jane realized that her money story had been running her, that it was just a story and far from the truth. When she really got that she had been subconsciously sabotaging her own goals and dreams – as well as her bank account – she felt empowered.

Jane is now creating a new story, “Money comes easily to me.” Soon after she stepped into her new story, her monthly income doubled. Along with the inner work, she is also taking more focused actions in her business to attract her ideal clients, and keeping current with her finances.

Jane is realizing her own value and the value she is giving her clients. She is reaching out more and is signing on more clients for more money.

Jane is a powerful woman with a big vision, and the potential for a big impact. She is now on her way to realizing her vision and to having the impact she is here to have!

Your money story is like the magnetic north that pulls you away from the true north o f your inner wealth compass! It doesn’t need to be that way.

The true north of your inner wealth compass is the infinite abundance you are naturally connected to by virtue of your Divine Essence. In your everyday life, money is one of the ways infinite abundance is expressed. Money in your life is an expression of the degree you realize your Divine Essence.

What is your money story? When you wake up to the money story that has been running you, you can create a new one. A true north money story.

When you connect with the true north of your inner wealth compass, you are more empowered to live out your own unique and authentic greatness. You are more empowered to live a life that is worthy of you and to live out the impact you are here to have!

Why not transform your money story from magnetic north to true north, today?!

Step Into Your Greatness…
Transform your money story.