Money Isn’t Everything!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Money isn’t everything?” I’m sure you have.

Many times people who use that expression seem to be indicating that money isn’t really the most important thing in life. They say, “There are plenty of other things that are much more important than money.” And, looking at it from that point of view, they are right! Love, happiness, good health, a good marriage and a decent place to live are all more important than money.

There have been a number of very wealthy people who have said that they would have gladly traded their net worth for health. All the money that they had could not bring them the health that they desperately needed. So in that case, yes, money isn’t everything.

Sad and lonely people on many occasions over the years have expressed that they would have given up all their riches for love and happiness. Their bank account could not bring them love, happiness and joy. So, once again, from that perspective, money isn’t everything.

Although the above examples demonstrate an honest and innocent expression of the phrase, “Money isn’t everything,” more often than not, the expression seems to come up when people have a slanted view towards money, wealth and prosperity.

Some people’s whole goal in life is to see how much money they can obtain. Perhaps you’ve seen the bumper sticker that reads, “Whoever gets the most wins.” Yes, there are people who are obsessed with making as much money as they can simply for the sake of accumulating as much as they can. That’s their whole purpose in life.

Some people think that money is evil. However, money in and of itself is amoral. It is neither good nor bad. Money is simply a means of exchange. People think that money is evil because they hear others misquote the Bible in saying that “money is the root of all evil.” Actually, it says that, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Those two statements are very different!

Loving money means you can never get enough of it. But having money and acquiring money does not necessarily mean that you love it. Money is not the most important thing there is in life, but, when you think about it honestly, what would your life be without any money? And that’s the point.

People who have a slanted view about money are limiting themselves. They get talked into a “let’s just get by” mentality. Because they think that money is evil, they then assume that all they need is just enough to get by, and that is exactly what they receive in their lives.

We can’t eat money. There’s no nutritional value in the paper and ink, and can you imagine what a roll of quarters would do to your digestive system!

We can’t wear money to keep warm. It would take an awful lot of dollar bills to make a jacket, wouldn’t it?

We can’t build a house out of money. Doing that, we would end up with some pretty flimsy floors and doors!

Now all that may sound silly, but think about it. We do need money in our culture so that we can buy the things that we need. We simply exchange money for the things we need to live our lives.

An increase in our money is simply an increase to our lives. We can buy better quality foods, which will in turn contribute to healthier bodies.

We can buy better quality clothes that will last longer and, in the long run, we will actually spend less money for our clothing.

We can afford the kind of housing that contributes to peaceful surroundings that keep us from distractions.

We can have the means to continue to educate ourselves.

We can take the time off that we that we need for relaxation or a change.

And, an increase in our money will afford us the opportunity to give more to help others. An increase in your money is not wrong! It is not evil! Those who misquote the Bible, saying, “Money is the root of all evil,” ought to read a little more carefully. If they did, they would find many, many promises from the Creator concerning prosperity. The Bible is full of His promises to you of prosperity, because God really does want you to prosper.

Money isn’t everything, but in our day and time, and in our culture, we certainly do need money!