Modern Day Tips to Improve and Memorize New Words Quickly

Is English your second language? Are you looking for the best methods to improve your language skills the easiest possible way? We outline the best methods in the modern age to improve your vocabulary. It is important to choose the method that suits you the best to improve your vocabulary. We’ve compiled a list of methods to help you along.

Before diving into the various methods, it is important for you to set goals in order to make the right choice in your learning method. You could simply grab a book and start reading; however, several tests have shown that even though reading is good for your language skills, it will not directly help you in expanding your vocabulary.


Realistic goals
Start yourself off with setting goals that are actually realistic. Setting goals will keep you on track and dedicated to your desire to expand your vocabulary. Additionally, you could set milestones to help you improve. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you’ve achieved a milestone.

Create a custom list of words (vocabulary)
If you’re in business school and you’re trying to improve your vocabulary it is best to create a custom list of vocabulary that you feel you’ll need for your school work or in your future corporate career development. Work on these words in particular.

Notepad at hand
Whenever you are reading in English, try to have a notepad at hand to put down the words that you’d like to add to your vocabulary list. After adding these words, try to group them together into themes so that you don’t have uncorrelated words which would make it harder for you to memorize.

Help you remember by writing
This method will require you to invest some extra time and effort to master your newly attained words. Whenever you’ve put down a new word you’d like to memorize, it is advisable to create context using that word. Creating context will help you memorize more quickly and it will help you use the word in the correct context when using the new word in public conversations.

Use technology
In this day and age nobody leaves the house without a phone. If you have the opportunity, download the free version of Words with Friends or Scrabble to your phone. These games will help you by challenging you to create new words from the set of letters provided in the game.