Modern and Traditional Scottish Gifts

When thinking of Scottish gift ideas and souvenirs, most of us would think of Scottish tartan. Tartan is a fabric and a pattern that can be found on countless items of clothing and products. If you originate from Scotland it is likely you will be familiar with the origin of tartan as it has been a part of the Scottish past for generations. It started off when the Act of Proscription was brought out to make it illegal for Scots to wear tartan, including kilts and their highland dress. This was done to try and control the warrior clans by dissipating the Gaelic culture. However this didn’t last for too long, as when King George III came to power in 1782, he legalized it again. So, you see, tartan has a lot of history to it and is more than a fancy pattern and fabric.

Tartan comes in many patterns, colours and designs. Depending on what clan you belonged to, was the colour and pattern of your tartan design. The clan was a sign of the area you came from and which you belonged. No two clans would have the same design.

The most popular items on the market in tartan are blankets and kilts. Anyone who has been to Scotland will know there are plenty of other items to be found covered in tartan designs. Some of these include hats and scarves, biscuit tins and notebooks and even teddy bears.

If you are touring around Scotland, you will find plenty of Scottish souvenirs and gifts that can be taken home for family and friends. Scottish cities are great for shopping as they are so individual to each other. Visit Glasgow and you will find designer items at Princes Square mall and a range of excellent Scottish souvenirs and crafts all over the city.

Once you get to Edinburgh there is a far different feel to the city. The designer shops can be found in Princes Street along with the department stores, some have been established for years. There are unique Boutique shops at Georges Street and if you are interested in antiques or looking for some Scottish gift ideas then try the Grass market area and Victoria Street.

Kinloch Anderson is well established producers and retailers of tartan design and the highland dress. You can find them in Leith where they have a great range of tartan on offer.

The Scots are well known travelers and due to this sense of adventure have settled in many different countries all over the world. You will find people of Scottish origin in Asia, throughout Europe and America. Their home might well be in a far off country but their heart remains in Scotland. If you are buying a gift for someone from this beautiful land then why not choose something that will make them think of home and be greatly appreciated?

Look online for ideas and Scottish gifts and souvenirs for those homesick family members and friends. There is a multitude of products that will appeal to all ages and types. From the traditional Scottish items to novelty products, cheap or a higher quality, you should find something that will appeal. Buying online is so simple, and they will even deliver it to the address of your asking. Some gift ideas to consider are sweets and biscuits, scarves and hats, notebooks and writing pads and glassware and t-shirts. The list is endless.

Quality items can be found in glassware products or items of clothing, whilst if you just want something cheap and cheerful there is always the famous ‘see you jimmy’ hat to put a smile on a friend’s face. If food is your preference, then try traditional Edinburgh Rock or Scottish Tablet to bring memories flooding back.

Popular items are clothing and flags or towels ideal for the beach or at home. Writing pads and notepads are also attractive and come in a gift box all wrapped up ready to go.

Take a look online for novelty Scottish gifts and souvenirs for all ages and you will definitely bring a smile to a Scottish face.