Modeling Requires Confidence

And it’s such a delicate behavior as well. Successful models seem to just exude confidence but for those of us who are new to modeling, it’s a little hard to be as confident as others without the experience to back it up. That is of course, assuming that confidence is based on experience. Does it have to be? Maybe not… Maybe just having the right attitude is more than enough to make a favorable impression and earn a good living as a model.

More Important Than Both Confidence And Experience

If you can behave in a way that suggests you’re eager to learn and willing to work, you’ve already surpassed the need for confidence and you’ve literally thrown open the door to new experiences. Just think about it. No one wants to work with a model who thinks he or she already knows everything – nor does anyone want to work with a model who just wants to sit around all day! These negative behaviors actually close doors and opportunities no matter how much experience you have or how much confidence you have in yourself.

Approach Modeling Like A Job And You’ll Gain Respect From Others

Although you may not work from 9-5 Monday through Friday, that’s no reason why you can’t approach your modeling career as though you had to clock in every day, perform your best, and stay the course ’till closing time. By doing these three simple things, people will take you more seriously and begin to depend on you to accomplish their goals. (And that translates to ‘modeling work’ for you.) Show up for your appointments on time, be energetic, and follow instructions. Your success as a model depends on it!

Take No Prisoners – Take No Shortcuts

Sure, a shortcut here and there may get you toward your goals quicker, but chances are that the quality of your efforts will suffer severely. In the modeling industry, you might be tempted to “cheat” and pay a minimal cost for promotional photos or participate in less-then-desirable photo shoots just to hurry up and get your name out there. But just think of the impression you’ll make when you have nothing but a low-quality portfolio to show with you positioned in questionable poses.

If modeling is important to you, then you can’t afford to be over-confident, a know-it-all, a half-stepper, undependable, or worse – “cheap.” These are the worst approaches you can take towards modeling and they really put your career at risk.

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