MMA – A Fad or Solid Martial Art

Today, martial arts have become very much popular among young kids and adults alike. Different types of martial arts are being learnt by people for many reasons like self-protection, weight loss and for physical fitness. Some of the most popular martial arts are judo, karate and jujitsu. Mixed martial arts are also becoming more and more popular these days. Mixed martial arts involve the use of a combination of martial arts techniques to overpower the attacker. Mixed martial arts (MMA) championships like the Ultimate Fighting Championships and PRIDE Fighting Championships have added to the gaining popularity of this art.

Mixed martial arts and the new age boxing have their origins in martial arts like judo, karate and jujitsu. They began as experiments in which one martial arts combat technique was used against another in an attempt to find out which technique was most suitable against real life attackers. Modern martial competitions are based on these events but stricter rules have been implemented. These rules were implemented so that mixed martial arts would gain more popularity. However, there are no universal rules and rules vary from place to pace. Also there is no central organization that governs modern martial arts rules.

The most common techniques used in mixed martial arts are striking and grappling. A variety of techniques like kicking, kneeing and punching are used to strike the opponent. Grappling techniques involve throwing, sweeping and holds. As rules vary among organizations some moves may or may not be considered legal. For example, head butting and spinal locks are legally valid in some championships and illegal in others. Techniques like eye-gouging and spinal locks are not considered legal.

Participation in modern martial arts championships requires a lot of hard work and training. Training makes perfect in overpowering any sort of attack. Training also helps one to stay fit and gain confidence. It also improves one’s power of character. A variety of techniques are taught during training. Boxing and kick-boxing are taught to make the standup techniques effective while jujitsu is used to dominate the ground attacks. Many styles have to be adapted to achieve success in modern martial arts. Sticking to a single technique may prove itself to be ineffective. Further, these styles have to be changed and adapted to the situation. Most of the MMA competitors learn all the styles together and independently under many coaches. Flexibility and adaptive nature play an important role in being successful. Being competent is the only key to success in modern martial arts.