MLM Sales Are Fundamental To Your Business – Here Are 4 Concepts That Work

You’re probably looking at this article because you want to learn how to create massive, ridiculous amounts of MLM sales for your business.

It took me five years of being an ‘mlm grinder’ struggling every month before I finally started to make it in this industry. I did thousands of presentations, home meetings, hotel briefings, and one on ones – and although I made some income and my checks grew – I was disenchanted with the vision of residual income. I just didn’t seem to have that ability to generate massive amounts of MLM sales at will.

Here are the breakthrough ideas that catapulted my MLM sales success to the moon:

1. The number one principle you need to understand for unlimited MLM sales is to forget the concept that a duplicateable system is the key to success. Although duplication is important to your long term growth, I’ve seen so many distributors afraid to act with creativity because they don’t want to ‘rock their upline’s boat’.

This is absurd. The simple fact is that there are four main kinds of personalities, and they all need different approaches to succeed in their MLM sales efforts. If you are good on the phone, but lousy in person, you can probably recruit from cold leads with no problem at all. (Although I would certainly recommend a better MLM sales strategy than buying cold leads). This is my purpose – I want YOU to be successful being YOU. One of my favorite MLM trainers, Mark Yarnell, says that MLM sales come from entrepreneurial innovation, not duplication.

2. The second thing you need for massive MLM sales is to have a sales funnel in place that will follow up with your prospects for you – automatically. You would not believe how many people are trying to make money off of their MLM website and they don’t even have an autoresponder in place! Come on people! We need to wake up and be professional if we want to be treated as such from others who are outside our profession. In fact, it takes 10 times the amount of effort to make sales if there is no automated system in place to help.

3. Personal branding has to be the number one secret to unlimited sales in your MLM company. Unfortunately, the online universe if filled with used car sales pitches, broken promises, and frustrated distributors. The refreshing thing is that your audience is looking for an actual person they can relate to who can help them reach the success that they deserve. How will they know that you can help them if you don’t have any personal messages anywhere on your website?

These company replicated websites just aren’t working today. These websites worked well several years ago, but as the information age has changed marketing technologies, it is the personally branded home pages that are taking over the internet.

4. You need to learn and apply the most effective online marketing strategies. This is the most important possible step that you can take to ensure your success throughout the 21st century in your MLM sales efforts.

There are a LOT of different strategies you can use to market and brand your image online, and it is beyond the scope of this short article. Over the last few years, it has become a proven fact that the fastes MLM sales can be created and maintained through internet marketing. It is the distributors who grasp this and take advantage of it that are at the top of their companies compensation plans.

Learn these strategies if you want your prosperity to last for the next 50 years.

I’ll look forward to seeing you hit the top of your companies pay plan.