MLM Advertising Ideas That Work

If you want to succeed in MLM, you need to get good at online advertising. Ineffective MLM advertising is the #1 reason for failure, lack of growth, and poor retention.

After discovering online MLM advertising strategies, I went through a phase where I experimented with various things that had different levels of success and failure. Some of the strategies paid off and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some flopped and I would never set my hand on again.

First, here is what you NEVER should do:

One thing you should absolutely NEVER use is ANY FORM of ‘Blackhat’ MLM advertising. The term ‘Black Hat’ refers to any attempt on the part of the marketer to ‘trick’ search engines or websites into thinking that you are something you’re not in an attempt to subversively generate traffic for your MLM business.

This kind of MLM advertising is irritating to the people who click on your links, it is irritating to the search engines, and it is irritating to marketers, because ‘Blackhat’ strategies make the internet less user friendly for everyone. Why do search engines, people, and marketers get annoyed by subversive practices? Plain and simple, it is annoying.

Craigslist for example has almost an unlimited amount of irritating MLM distributors advertising in the Jobs section of almost every city in the world. Not only does Craigslist hate MLMers advertising false jobs (MLM is a legitimate opportunity, but it is NOT a Job), but the job-seekers hate it as well. Plain and simple: if you want to succeed don’t use Blackhat strategies.

So what are some MLM advertising techniques that work? Here I have listed some ‘White Hat’ SEO friendly MLM advertising techniques that can immediately help you in your business, listed in order of personal favoritism:

1. Article Marketing is my simple daily SECRET MLM advertising strategy. Article Marketing is SEO friendly, has worked for more than 10 years online, and will work for the next 50 years for those who stick with it. Not only is Article Marketing free, but you can use it immediately to generate hoards of tartgeted traffic to your webpages. Not only is it free, but once you create traffic with article marketing, the traffic is permanently there.

2. Video Marketing – It’s hard to get a clear picture on exactly how much online traffic is directed towards video, but current estimates are anywhere around 30%-50% of ALL BANDWITH is video from services like YouTube, Viddler, and others. You’ll be able to dominate market segments through nothing more than proper use of video technology. The cool thing? Video Marketing is free.

3. By far the most trendy way of creating leads online is through the use of Social MLM Advertising – through Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. It used to be that people would actually meet each other… Not any more – they unite on Facebook. The intelligent networker can easily generate unlimited leads through online social branding.

4. Blogging – Search engines LOVE blogs! Starting a blog today is one of the best things you can do for your future in the MLM industry. People, Search Engines, and Media all LOVE blogs. This allows you to target keyword phrases, dominate market niches, and take your MLM advertising to a personal, human level.

5. As far as paid MLM advertising goes, Google Adwords is the way to go. PPC is the most targeted source of advertising that has ever existed for any business since the dawn of time. If you’re putting money in newspaper ads, stop it! Newspaper money spent on Google Adwords will pay off big time. PPC is the FASTEST strategy to generate leads, but it is also the most expensive. Don’t attempt google adwords without first receiving training on how to do it properly.

So wheere is the best place to begin? First, you need a website that is attractive, simple, and branded with your own personal message. Then master one strategy and place all of your energy into promoting with it. Stick with that one marketing method until you are getting more than 10 leads per day. After that you can play with other methods.

You will have prosperity in your MLM advertising if you follow this advice! I wish you the best of success!