MLA format term paper

MLA format term paper is mostly used for subjects related to humanities and art. The expanded form of MLA is, Modern Language Association. You get authentic guides with the reputed booksellers detailing the salient features of this style and you need to understand the intricacies of writing MLA format term papers. Explanations as for research papers, endnotes/footnotes, the Works Cited page and in-text citations are provided in these guides.

At the first reading, the format looks complicated, but to write MLA format term papers is simplest of the jobs. This style is used in English language. To writers, who use MLA formatting, the system provides an inbuilt protection and accountability. You take the help of material from other sources; it is your moral and legal duty to acknowledge it. The MLA formatting provides proper guidelines for doing the same. If you don’t acknowledge the sources, you are inviting action from all concerned, including your Professor who evaluates your essay, for plagiarism.

Some of the important guidelines for MLA format term papers are:

The paper used is standard, white 8.5 x 11” in size. The font used for typing is Times New Roman, double-space. You go by the instructions of your instructor for variations, if any, in the standard instructions for the MLA format term paper. Leave only one space after periods and other punctuation marks. Set the margin of the document 1 inch on all sides. You leave one half inch (or five spaces) from the left margin, in a new paragraph. As for the numbering of pages, the first page is excluded normally. Go by the instructions of your teacher. Otherwise number all the pages in the upper right hand corner, one half inch from the top and flush with the right margin. Use italics for providing emphasis, when considered absolutely necessary.

In MLA format term paper, you don’t have a separate title page as in APA format. On specific request, however, a page may be made. Normally the following information is provided in upper left hand corner of the first page, your name, and your instructor’s name the course and the date in that order, in double-spaced text. Centre the title, no underline or put it in quotation. Don’t use capital letters and write the title in Title Case.

To sum up, a MLA format tem paper contains most of the following information:

In-Text Citations-The Basics, In-Text Citations- Author-Page Style, Formatting Quotations, Footnotes and Endnotes, Works Cited Page- Basic Format, Works Cited Page- Books, Works Cited-Periodicals, Works Cited-Electronic Sources, Works Cited-Other Non-Print Sources, Additional Resources.

For more information on MLA format term paper, refer the MLA Handbooks.