Minor Burns Natural Home Remedies and Treatments

Home remedies for minor burns helps in preventing blisters, relieving pain and discomfort. These remedies are widely used and are effective in giving instant relief. Before discussing natural home remedies for minor burns lets discuss on burns and its types.

According to severity, burns can be categorized into three degrees.

1. First-degree burns – This type of burns cause painful redness but may not form blisters. Common household burns and sunburns are the first degree burns.

2. Second-degree burns – This type of burns cause blisters and may harm the second layer of skin lying below the dead upper layer. This leads to the hair loss and formation of scars, depending on the intensity and area of burns.

3. Third-degree burns – This type is the most dangerous, piercing the skin, the fat and reaching bone and muscle. There is no feeling of pain since the nerves are destroyed, but due to the associated second-degree burn, it can be painful.

Home remedies are helpful in treating first and second degree burns that are not very severe. Below are some simple natural remedies –

1. To get immediate relief from burning sensation, draw of clear water from the mixture of water with slaked lime. Add equal quantity of plain water and apply on the burnt area. This will reduce the chance of blister formation. Apply this mixture twice or thrice.

2. Immediate immersion in ice water slows inflammation and numbs the pain. This is commonly used in mirror burns as a useful home remedy.

3. To prevent formation of blisters, instantly apply a mixture of mustard oil and salt on the burnt area. Applying this mixture twice or thrice after every five to ten minutes, will give you relief.

4. Auto-urine therapy is also used as a home remedy in case of severe burns.

5. Cool baths and cool compresses provide good amount of relief from sunburn.

6. Application of glycerin immediately on the burnt area also gives significant relief. This is another useful home remedy for minor burns.

7. Apply calamine lotion on the sunburn area. This is very common remedy for minor burns.

8. Take care to avoid burning when you are on snow or sand, as both the surfaces reflect light from the sun. Also try to avoid moving in the sun.

9. For people with sensitive skin, the season’s first exposure to the sun should be more than 15 minutes, and for dark people it should be one hour. Morning or late afternoon is the best time for the first sun exposure.

10. For severe second-degree and third-degree burns, it is advised to visit a doctor because the majority of complications occur due to infection in the case of burns. Proper medication and sterile dressing is very important to avoid any infection.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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