Mini Piling Vs Traditional Piling Methods

There is no doubt that new technologies always take over the existing methods and systems and the same rule applies in the construction industry as well. Contractors and developers are always looking out for better procedures and options that can help them to construct better buildings and structures in less time with stronger foundations. In recent times, contractors are looking for mini piling as the best way to construct foundations for different buildings and structures that they have been constructing. Let’s take a quick look at why most contractors today prefer mini piling over any other piling systems that are available.

The word mini piling itself tells us that this piling system occurs on small scale and therefore it is more recommended in urban areas where contractors have smaller compact spaces to work. The screw piles are smaller and therefore they can be planted well in confined spaces which help them to get their work done in less time and with fewer efforts. Mini piling has more features that traditional piling system so let’s take a quick look at it.

The good thing about mini piling is that it can be used where the ground is unsuitable. When we talk about traditional piling system we have to make sure that the ground is suitable for that particular piling system. However, things are different with mini piling because this piling system virtually works on all kinds of surfaces and therefore it make the job of contractors easier than before.

The process does not require excavation or removal of spoil and therefore it saves a lot of time. Normally, when you look for traditional methods of piling you will need to excavate the earlier debris and dirt and only after that you can go ahead with the piling procedure. However, with mini piling you don’t need to bother about the excavation process and you can go ahead with it without excavation.

In urban areas you need to handle piling process in confined spaces where heavy piles cannot be used. Hence, mini piles are used that provides the same results but since the screw piles are smaller it becomes convenient for the contractor and the workers as well to handle the piling process in less time. Hence, it provides convenience to the people who are installing it.

Vibrations can really ruin the piling job and therefore many contractors believe that minimizing the vibration is the key to better piling procedure. In mini piling there are virtually no vibrations and therefore they can handle their piling job without any problems. This is really important when there are other buildings or structures close to the site where you want to create a foundation for your house.

From consumer’s point of view, mini piling is the best cost effective method that can provide them with long lasting results. Hence, if you want to bring down the cost of your home construction then you can ask your contractor to go for mini piling procedure that will ensure good solid foundation at an affordable price range.