Mini Implants for Confident Denture Use

Dentures quickly replace the form and function of a few or all missing teeth, and can restore the healthy appearance of a smile. However, removable dentures will eventually lose their comfortable fit as time goes by, and can give the wearer more problems with discomfort and embarrassment with long-term denture use. The uncontrolled movement of removable dentures may bring more problems than solutions for the denture wearer in the long run, if they are not secured in place with implants.

Jawbone deterioration is another issue that denture wearers have to deal with. As dentures do not address the issue of lost tooth roots (which are responsible for keeping the jawbone stimulated and healthy), jawbone atrophy is added to the problems of pain and embarrassment for denture wearers. Without the stimulation from the tooth roots (or their replacement), the jawbone will continuously become thinner and lose its healthy structure.

Mini implants are used to secure dentures in place, preventing them from moving inside the mouth in an uncontrolled manner. The implants are firmly attached to the jawbone and also serve as replacements for the missing tooth roots so that the bone structure is given the necessary stimulation, preventing the onset of jawbone deterioration. Once the implants are in place and attached to both the jawbone and the teeth replacements, the dentures will be secured in place without moving or falling out of the mouth.

Comfortable and Confident Denture Use

Denture wearers will have more confidence with the help of mini implants, which secure the dentures in place. Those who have previously worn loose dentures and hid their smiles because of embarrassment can now smile more confidently with the knowledge that their teeth will not suddenly fall off from inside the mouth, or move around while they are smiling or speaking. Speaking clearly will also be possible with implant-secured dentures, unlike ill-fitting dentures that can make speech difficult to manage because of the denture movement.

Loose dentures are uncomfortable to use. They have the tendency to repeatedly and painfully rub against the gums, and the sensitive inner lining of the mouth. This continuous friction can result to the development of painful mouth sores, which may even be infected and worsen if not treated early. By securing the loose dentures with mini implants, problems with repeated friction against the inside of the mouth are eliminated. The dentures can then be comfortably used as their uncontrolled movement is stopped by securing them in place with the implants.