Mini Dental Implants for Denture Support

Dentures provide effective solutions for missing teeth problems. The removable nature of the dentures, however, can pose numerous problems with discomfort and embarrassment. Long-term use of dentures can cause this dental appliance to lose its comfortable fit, resulting to ill-fitting dentures. Mini dental implants provide firm support for the dentures to eliminate the problems that cause pain and embarrassment.

The mini implants are smaller in diameter compared to traditional implants, and are usually used to provide much-needed security for removable dentures. The procedure for placing mini implants uses a less-invasive technique, and is completed in a shorter timeframe compared to a conventional implant treatment. The smaller implants are embedded directly into the jawbone, providing a secure base to which the dentures can then be attached to. This results to dentures that are firmly attached to the jawbone, eliminating the problem of loose dentures that unexpectedly move inside the mouth.

The less-invasive nature of placing mini implants makes it possible for patients to experience less trauma compared to a traditional dental implants placement. As the procedure is minimally invasive, the patient will not have to go through a long downtime or recuperating period, and can easily go back to normal activities right after the treatment is completed. The mini implant placement does not involve making incisions or stitches on the gums, so the healing process is a lot faster compared to a procedure that uses conventional dental implants.

The smaller diameter or size of the mini implants makes it possible for the implants to successfully be completed, even in patients who have inadequate jawbone structure – without the need for advanced techniques such as bone grafting. The elimination of such complicated procedures for the implant treatment reduces the cost involved, and also translates to a much quicker healing period for the entire treatment to be completed, and for the implants to be fully utilised.

Dentures as missing teeth solutions can immediately be used right after the mini dental implants have been placed. There is no need to wait for the implants to be healed, before the dentures can be attached to them. The dentures can be used right after they have been attached securely to the mini implants embedded directly to the jawbone. The full benefits of an implant treatment can be enjoyed immediately after the placement of the mini implants, without the need to wait for the long healing period to be completed.