Mind Subconscious

Your subconscious mind is like a great servant to you, twenty-four hours a day it sits waiting to act on any order or command that your conscious mind may give it.

Together your conscious and subconscious minds form the ideal partnership. It is said that your conscious mind represents only 10 percent of your overall mind power and the remaining 90 percent, is under the control of your subconscious.

With 90 percent control our subconscious mind holds most of our power and controls almost all our actions and behaviour, even our progress and success is determined by our subconscious.

Your conscious mind is like the driver and is responsible for giving orders and setting your direction, and your subconscious mind is like the vehicle that must follow the driver’s commands.

However we are left with one function that your subconscious mind cannot perform, our subconscious cannot judge or question, it has no idea of right or wrong, good or bad and cannot tell weather something is true or false.

This job is left to your conscious mind, and your subconscious thoughts simply follow the direction your conscious thoughts have set for them. Every conscious thought you have is a command for your subconscious to follow!

Any thoughts we hold onto the most, often end up carrying the most emotions for us and in time become our most dominant thought patterns, these thoughts then become – what we could call, a road map for our subconscious to follow.

We never really stop to think about this and as a result, we glide through life almost on autopilot.

If we are not giving our subconscious mind the right thoughts and actions for it to follow, then it simply sets our most dominant thought pattern as the target weather good or bad and will act on it by default.

Let Your Subconscious Plan Your Life…

Most of us never fully make use of the mighty source of information, guidance, and inspiration we have access to, through the subconscious mind. By consciously instructing your subconscious mind to solve the questions and dilemmas that come your way, you may relieve your conscious mind of up to 90 percent of its worry and mental speculations.

You can avoid having to ponder over, or rack your brains, for the answer to every situation you find yourself in.

You can easily attain the habit of forming in your mind the questions to be answered, or the problem to be solved. Then you can purposefully turn over your problem to the subconscious mind, that will at once analyze it and separate it into its elements or separate parts, then proceed to solve and untangle the problem for you.

It is in this way the subconscious can relieve you of much of your work…

This in turn allows your conscious mind to occupy itself busily and effectively with other jobs and tasks, while important solutions are prepared for you effortlessly by your subconscious mind.