Mind Reading Tricks: 3 Simple Tricks To Read People’s Minds

There are many outlets for those who wish to perform mind reading tricks. These techniques are more often thought to be as myths; but the truth is, mind reading is an essential skill backed by science.

People who engage themselves in these so-called mind reading tricks are able to observe people very well… and maybe even predict the next course of action of those they encounter.

Mind Reading Tricks # 1: Hone Your Instincts.

Your instincts are responsible for your welfare; it tells exactly what you need to know. You might be afraid to trust your gut; but oftentimes, it is your gut that helps you predict certain situations and allows you to choose the best option to take.

This is most evident when your instinct is already attuned to a particular person. Such a closeness of ties allows you a free pass at the person’s actions and reactions.

Mind Reading Tricks # 2: Watch The Lips.

Reading other people’s minds have a lot to do with reading body language. It’s not surprising, I suppose, to learn that the lips of a person do give away more than just other people’s secrets.

For example, if you have a big favor to ask of someone and they don’t answer immediately (but instead, bite their lips or pout), expect a less than favorable or unwilling answer. If you notice a bit of twitching, then they are likely in disbelief of what they just heard.

You might find it a little challenging to read lips, but once your eyes get used to lip movements, you’ll be able to pick up patterns in no time.

Mind Reading Tricks # 3: Read The Tones

Sometimes, it’s not about what you see but about what you hear. If you have no clue how to read body language, or if you are looking for another way to ascertain your hunch, I suggest you focus your attention on the person’s tone of voice. That alone can tell you whether the person is annoyed, sarcastic or getting increasingly impatient.

When the tone of voice is high, that person is either getting excited or going into panic mode. When the tone of voice is lower than normal, that indicates a relaxed disposition.

It’s also interesting to note that some people have a natural “lullaby voice.” These people are thought to be natural caretakers and are probably sincere in their intentions.

One way to practice reading tones is by listening to your own voice. When you’re impatient, what kind of tone do you use? When you’re trying to be sincere, how do you sound?

Mind reading tricks are a critical tool for any person. Don’t think of them as useless hogwash because these very tricks just might be the key for you to avoid trouble and accomplish your goals.