Mind Over Matter

The mind is the most powerful part of the human body, and is what sets us apart from other species…

The term mind over matter means that the mind, when given the proper stimulus, can override the normal limitations of the physical body, and cause the body to perform acts that it would not normally be able to do.

A prime example is the stories of mothers who free their trapped children from underneath automobiles weighing a few tons or heavy piles of rubble that they wouldn’t normally be able to move.

Walking over hot coals in bare feet by people who are trained “fire walkers” is another example of mind over matter. There is a medical and scientific explanation for how this could be. Our bodies produce stress hormones called endorphins which act to give us super-human strength and endurance, including masking pain impulses, in times of extreme crisis.

There are also stories of Yuri Geller and others bending spoons with the sheer power of the mind. To develop the capability to perform such feats of mind over matter requires that you first train and discipline your mind to shut out any outside distractions and to totally concentrate on the objective to be accomplished.

An important aspect of mind over matter is the mastery of our fears. Fear has been described by some as an acronym for False Experience Appearing Real. Our minds are so powerful that they can actually cause our bodies to manifest sickness, as evidenced by students becoming ill shortly before taking an important exam.

Often there are stories of cancer patients or those with other terminal illnesses, who quickly succumb to their disease and die; while others, similarly afflicted, overcome their malady and defy medical science and get well. One major difference between the first group of terminally ill people and the second is the attitude and expectations of the patient.

While a fighting will doesn’t always ensure a complete recovery from a life-threatening disease, it usually prolongs the time left to the patient, when compared to those who give up upon hearing the dreaded diagnosis and prepare to die.

One popular way of training your mind to perform feats of mind over matter is through the Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Course! This features guided visualization and affirmations. You decide the goal that you wish to accomplish and write it down, setting a specific date for your goal to be achieved.

It is best not to focus on too many things at a time. You visualize yourself achieving that goal, and enjoying the fruits of your achievement. For example, if you want a new car, you see yourself at the car lot picking out the make and model of your choice. You picture yourself in your mind driving around town in your new car.

The affirmations are said out loud several times a day – you write them out and customize them to fit what your goals are. This is programming your subconscious mind to achieve what your fears and doubts will tell you is impossible.