Millionaire Profile – On A Scale Of 0-100 How Financially Empowered Am I Right Now?

This Millionaire Profile consists of twenty specialized parts, each giving a score from (0) up to (5) points. It allocates points for factors such as age and health, and rewards those individuals who are ‘entrepreneurs’ or business owners as opposed to ‘employees’ who earn their income predominantly as career people. This profile is written in the first-person tense, so the reader becomes part of the message, literally woven into its financially empowering fabric. Let’s begin.

At the conclusion of this exercise, once my points are tallied, my total Millionaire Profile quotient will range from a low score of only a few points to a high of one hundred. Through analyzing how closely my rating aligns with that of an Empowered Millionaire’s 90+ score, I will be able to make vital adjustments in designing my life for maximum financial empowerment.

1. Age Bracket: 18-24 (1) / 25-39 (3) / 40-59 (5) / 60-74 (3) / 75+ (1)

Here I shall give myself a score corresponding to my age group. For example, if I am twenty years old, I score 1 point. This is because a person in their early twenties has minimal real-world experience and less awareness of the multiplicity of opportunities to prosper that surround them, and they are often rash in their decision making. During the forties and fifties, one’s mental strength and business prowess are at their peak; hence the highest score of 5 points during this age, when the individual is able to put to use the learning of the preceding decades. This 20-year span is the golden years for the Empowered Millionaire when they can maximize their potential and reap greatest rewards. Though from the age of sixty scores decline, the elder person seeking greatness can still achieve mighty deeds. Children under eighteen score zero points.

2. Physical Condition: Sick (0) / Well (3) / Energized (5)

Here I shall give myself a score corresponding to my current physical health, my fitness levels and my wellbeing. The healthier I feel, every day, the higher my score.

3. Mental State: Fragile (0) / Strong (3) / Empowered (5)

Here I shall give myself a score that equates to the strength of my mind, my emotional stability and my mental prowess.

4. Financial Status: Poor (0) / Well-Off (3) / Millionaire (5)

This part requires that I give myself a score correlating to the present status of my personal finances and monetary wealth.

5. Time Freedom: Low (0) / Mid (3) / High (5)

Time freedom is my ability to live a balanced life, having the time to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, without feeling time pressure. If I have an abundance of time in which to accomplish my tasks, I score the maximum here. Whereas, if I feel continually rushed, my score shall be zero.

6. Home Owner: No Home (0) / Home (5)

Here my score equates to whether or not I am a home owner. Most millionaires in the world purchased their own home along their journey to financial success; and many went on to own multiple homes.

7. Income-Producing Assets: None (0) / One to Five (3) / Multiple (5)

Here I shall award a score corresponding to the number of income-producing assets I own. These assets range in scope from rental properties such as condominiums and retail outlets, to stocks and shares which pay regular dividends, to retirement accounts and pensions. The Empowered Millionaire has multiple income-producing assets in a diverse range of financial categories.

8. Charitable Contributions: 0% (0) / 1-10% (3) / 10%+ (5)

Here my score corresponds to the percentage of my income that I tithe to charitable causes. Empowered Millionaires are great benefactors and understand this law of the universe which states: The more that is given, the more that is received.

9. Business Owner: Yes (5) / No (0)

If ‘no’ go to Point 15.

Points 9-14 are for business owners only. Business owners are also known as ‘entrepreneurs’ and seek financial freedom as opposed to career people or ‘employees’ who seek security.

10. Years in Business: Under One (1) / One to Five (3) / Five Plus (5)

Here I should give myself a score dependent on how many years I have been an entrepreneur or business owner.

11. Number of Businesses: One (1) / Two to Five (3) / Five Plus (5)

This part refers to the actual number of businesses I currently own or have shareholdings in.

12. Sales Volume: Under One (1) / One to Five (3) / Five Plus (5)

What is the annual sales volume (in US$ millions) of my main business or the yearly sales of all my businesses combined.

13. Profitability of Business: Loss (0) / Low (3) / High (5)

Here I shall rank the profitability of my business, ranging from a score of zero if the business is running at a loss, to a score of three if the business is mildly profitable, to a score of five for high profitability.

14. Demand for Product: Low (1) / Mid (3) / High (5)

This part questions the demand for the products or services my business offers. If there is extreme apathy toward what I am offering, my score will be one only. However, if demand for my products or services is strong, I shall score the maximum five points.

15. Career Person: Yes (5) / No (0)

If ‘no’ go to Point 20.

These points 15-19 are primarily for those who answered ‘no’ on Point 9 as to whether they are business owners. These ‘employees’ shall give themselves a score of five and carry on through the remaining points. However, if I am both a business owner and I have a career within my business, such as being a working director or the president – in other words, I am active within my profession – I shall give myself the maximum score of five here and continue on through all remaining points. If I am retired or not presently working, I shall score zero here and proceed directly to Point 20.

16. Years in Present Career: Under One (1) / One to Five (3) / Five Plus (5)

The greater the number of years I have worked at my present career, the greater my experience, the greater my personal value and the higher my score shall be in this part.

17. Corporate Rank: Menial (1) / Manager (3) / Director (5)

Within my career, what level am I presently at? If my job is menial, I shall score the minimum here. Whereas the higher up the corporate ladder I have risen, the higher my score.

18. Salary Level: Low (1) / Mid (3) / High (5)

This part asks about my professional remuneration and requires me to rank my earnings. If my total salary and benefits are low, my score will be one only. However, the greater my earnings package, the higher my score here.

19. Profession Enjoyment: Low (1) / Mid (3) / High (5)

The overwhelming majority of Empowered Millionaires have become wealthy because of work they found profoundly absorbing. In this part, I shall award myself a score that correlates to my love of what I do. The greater the satisfaction I receive from my professional endeavors, the higher my score.

20. Millionaire Intent: Low (0) / High (5)

Is my desire wholehearted to reach the status of an Empowered Millionaire with a net worth of over one million dollars? Only if I am prepared to ethically do whatever is required on my journey to success will I score the maximum five points here. Half-heartedness won’t cut it. On my journey to millionaire status, my intent must be resolute to attain the result I seek.

Now, add together my scores from all twenty points to determine how I rank as an Empowered Millionaire.

Rating of 0-30 : It is imperative I join the Empowered Millionaire Institute to adopt radical changes in my life.

Rating of 31-60 : Apply more of the financially empowering disciplines as taught in the Empowered Millionaire Institute.

Rating of 61-90 : Keep making continual daily improvements toward my million-dollar net worth aspirations.

Rating of 91-100 : Congratulations to me . . . I am an Empowered Millionaire!

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