Millionaire Analysis – Where Am I Now On My Road To A Million Dollar Net Worth?

My journey to a million dollar net worth begins with me knowing where I am at this precise moment. This Millionaire Analysis is comparable to a roadmap for success that is designed to enable me to discern my monetary strengths and understand my financial ambitions.

This Millionaire Analysis asks twenty questions that help me get to the truth of who I really am. Each question must be answered wholeheartedly. The deeper I can dig into my psyche, the stronger the analytical groundwork I shall be performing in the construction of my financial foundation.

After writing the answers to these twenty questions, I shall wake earlier, energized and raring to go. This is because I will comprehend my purpose for living and I will be eager to perform the transformational actions that will be an indelible part of my new life.

1. If I could attain one monumental objective during my lifetime, with financial and time constraints not being factors, what would this one objective be?

Here I should write the one overriding aspiration that lights my motivational fires and keeps them burning brighter than anything else could ever do. This one aim must be so awe-inspiring that my passion for its attainment will remain eternally strong.

2. What are the three main obstacles preventing me from attaining this one monumental objective right now?

Here I should list the three greatest challenges to realizing this grandest of goals for my life. I must know what triad of seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand between me and my destination, ostensibly blocking the way to the fulfillment of this tremendous intention.

3. Am I crystal clear on what is my life’s ultimate purpose and, if so, what is it?

This question requires me to plan a mighty purpose for my life, a purpose in which I make a significant contribution to the world and vastly enrich my life and the lives of other people.

4. In how many ways is the life I presently lead a full expression of my life’s ultimate purpose?

This is a reality check to see what I am currently doing to manifest the abundant lifestyle of an ‘Empowered Millionaire’ that I seek. In answer to this question, I need to write the multiplicity of ways that demonstrate my present actions are in alignment with my life’s most vibrant mission.

5. How many income streams do I presently have?

Empowered Millionaires focus on generating vast wealth through multiple income sources, as opposed to having a singular career or just one business that produces a solitary income. They also focus on developing residual income streams that flow 24 hours a day.

6. What is my current net worth?

My ‘net worth’ is how much I own — my assets (such as cash in the bank, property and land, stocks and bonds) — minus how much I owe — my liabilities (such as debts, loans, mortgages). If I desire to have a million dollar net worth, my assets must exceed my liabilities by at least one million dollars.

7. What is the status of my existing savings & investments?

Empowered Millionaires clearly understand why they must have solid savings and investment plans. They are focused on accumulating income-producing assets — assets that generate cash flow, such as rental properties, licensing and royalties, and stocks that pay regular dividends.

8. What will be my net worth at retirement?

Wishful thinking will not get me to the destination of abundant prosperity as an Empowered Millionaire. If my aim is to have one million dollars as my net worth at my chosen retirement age, I must know precisely where I am in the five critical areas of: My current age; My intended retirement age; My present net worth; My monthly investment amount; The rate at which my assets compound.

9. What percentage of my present income do I tithe to charitable causes?

This question verifies whether I regularly give away a share of my income and substantiates what percentage that is. Tithing releases the mental shackles of poverty thinking, enabling me to manifest more of the vast financial abundance of this world.

10. If I designed my ideal lifestyle and it was perfect in every respect, what would it look like?

Here I am encouraged to use my imagination to visualize my life in its most superlative state. When picturing my highest vision, I shall vividly imagine the end result I desire as if that outcome already exists now.

11. In what ways do I regularly take time to improve my physical state of health?

This question verifies the potency of my aspiration to live a long, healthy and youthful life. It checks to see if I possess the wherewithal to attain optimum wellness for me to be able to perform the deeds necessary in attaining financial success.

12. In what ways do I regularly take time to nurture my soul and strengthen my spiritual being?

The road to financial empowerment begins in the soul with inner peace. Periods of solitude are required in which my ability to focus is heightened, as everything I focus on creates a personal success vibration that manifests what I attract into my life. Nurturing my soul enables this heightened focus.

13. What winning qualities do I possess that help to differentiate me from the crowd as a unique and well-respected professional?

People who display the winning qualities of professionalism act and perform like the champions they are. The winners in the game of life develop an environment that is inspiring to themselves and to those people who are in their circle of influence.

14. What can I do to make myself more excellent within all areas of my life?

The quality of my life is in direct proportion to my commitment to excellence. This question verifies whether I possess the wholehearted commitment required to compel myself to a higher standard of performance in every endeavor that I undertake.

15. In what ways do I presently give committed effort to my career or business?

Spectacular results transpire when committed action is taken and things are made to happen. This question validates my commitment to perform all tasks with excellence and go the extra mile to ethically attain the desired result.

16. In what ways do I regularly reach out to assist other people on their path to success?

It is said that the more I give the more I get. This means reaching out with a helping hand of assistance to help other people to live happier, healthier, more successful lives. This question validates if I am taking advantage of my opportunities to contribute to other people.

17. What is my personal description of failure and how does this compare to the Empowered Millionaire’s formula for failure?

Here I shall state my personal understanding of failure and compare it with that of the Empowered Millionaire, which is: “A few simple errors of judgment repeated every day.” These are destructive, disempowering habits that are highly noxious to the successful outcomes desired.

18. What simple errors of judgment am I no longer willing to repeat every day that are so detrimental to the successful outcomes I seek?

Illustrations of simple errors of judgment can include: being callous in our attitudes; smoking cigarettes; being late for work; eating foods saturated in fat; displaying an apathetic career approach.

19. What is my personal description of success and how does this compare to the Empowered Millionaire’s formula for success?

Here I am asked to state my own definition of success and compare it with that of the Empowered Millionaire, which is: “A few basic winning disciplines performed every day.” These are constructive, empowering behaviors that are performed every day.

20. What few basic winning disciplines will I now perform every day that will guide me toward the successful outcomes I seek?

Good examples of basic winning disciplines that can be performed every day leading an individual to ultimate financial empowerment include: practicing financial astuteness; yoga; meditation; reading investment literature.