Mighty Warrior Crushed Enemy

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Hell to Shun Heaven to Gain

The streets are crowded, the shops are thriving, clubs filled with delights and pleasure. Immorality became the thing of the past and worldly pleasures took control. The sun shone, the rain poured, the wind blew, the lightning struck, the thunder roared, the earth quaked and the people rolled. A black cloud appeared in the sky as small as a man’s hand, but it got bigger and brighter until the light filled the whole sky. Celestial beings flew in the sky and the Mighty Warrior came and crushed the enemy.

Look and See

The mountains knew, the earth knew and all other created things knew, but people knew not. The earth groaned in pain, unleashing its fires of hell against the human race. But still they remained blind to the fact that time’s running out for them and feel so comfortable remaining in their stupor. But that’s okay if this is what they have chosen. Remember, judgement day is coming. Whether we believe in God or not, we will all have to give an account for the life lived on earth.

Can’t you see how the nations are angry? We love ourselves and give much disregard for others. Are you noting the frequent disasters? People’s denial and the audacity of those dare to blaspheme about the existence of God and his Son Jesus Christ our saviour? Note also, children’s disgrace to themselves and their families by choosing to become criminals. This is of the prophetic signs Jesus foretold would occur before his eminent return.

His Promise

Jesus promised that he would return and that we must take heed of the signs taking place in our world today, so that he would not come upon us as a ‘thief in the night’. It is certain that he will do so to those who do not listen and live the life which he gifted them. This he has promised! He was sent to give us hope of eternal life by dying for our sins and rising again. Upon his resurrection, he promised his disciples that he would come again, he said: “Preach and tell the world about my promises”. He also said to his disciples; “I am going to prepare a place for you, and when I return, I will receive you unto myself, and where I am, that’s where you, my people, will be.” He said; “Have faith and believe in God or it would be impossible to please God.” The bible states that; “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen and that we are saved by his grace and not by works.”

Fashion of His Coming

Jesus says that we would see in the sky a small cloud, small as a man’s hand. This cloud would become bigger and brighter. His father and his angels will escort him back to earth. His eyes would be as flames of fire to take vengeance upon those who have denied and blasphemed his name and lived in sin. Yet, he would be unto his saints a glorious redeemer, merciful, gracious, loving, kind and a saviour to them. But to the wicked he will be like a consuming fire.

Jesus also promised that he will return as Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. Upon his head will be a triple crown. His coming will be no secret, it fact, it will be tremendously loud. The dead will rise from their resting places, even those who pierced him. This, Jesus will call the first resurrection. The saints will rise at his coming and will welcome him in the air. Those who pierced him shall only rise to witness him who they tortured and crucified with such evil. His brightness will slay them and they will return to their dusty graves awaiting the second resurrection, when all the wicked shall rise to stand before their maker to be sentenced”.

Moreover, Jesus says that he would shine brighter than the sun and his brightness will slay the wicked, but his saints will behold him because he would change their earthly bodies to a glorious one in a twinkling of an eye. They will live in his presence.

He will appear in the sky where everyone will witness his coming, but many shall run to the mountains and say; “Fall on us, hide us from him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb (Jesus)”. But, Jesus will take his people home with him in glory, including those who will rise from the dead. Satan and his demons will be left on the earth awaiting their final punishment from the Almighty God. The earth will be in complete darkness and God’s enemies will be ruined. Ruined, because the earth at the coming of Christ will reel like a drunkard and a mighty earthquake will befall all creation and works of mankind.

Read the word of God and make a decision of eternal life or death. I trust your decision will be the right one.

God bless you!