Microsoft Navision ERP Selection for SME – Things to be Consider

Microsoft Navision is specially designed for SME (Small and Medium Size Enterprises). It fulfills all basic requirements and needs of SME. Cost and time is the key area for any SME. They are more concern about cost and time for ERP software Implementation. Navision standard implementation takes lesser time as compare to other branded ERP for SME. But for rich implementation organization has to pay a lot because customization is expensive in Navision. Customization required so many changes that require some man hours. Putting man hours in any work will increase the project budget.

Navision should be considered as mature products. It has more than 10 years of successful presence in the ERP market. Navision Software was Denmark based Software Development Company which was bought by Microsoft in the beginning of 21st century. Navision has a strong presence in the US market and Europe market. Now they are very aggressive for Asia market and Gulf market.

Navision has a native SQL platform and it is available on MS SQL Server. SQL will give you more integration and reporting option. You can also use Crystal reports. Navision integration with UNIX, Linux and Oracle gives the smart features to the software.

Manufacturing is the strength of Navision. It has strong MRP and production. In any ERP, manufacturing module implementation is a critical issue. Navision is exposed through web portal, plus it is integrated with Microsoft CRM. Navision has its own proprietary language C/Side. Microsoft recommends MS SQL Server as the database platform. The future customization directions will be focused on XML web services and developers will be deploying on Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.

Nowadays, ERP software is as critical to the needs of any business. Any organization cannot run competitively in the lack of appropriately planned and prepared ERP software and the better implementation.

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