Michigan Truck Driving Job Hunting

You’ve always had a penchant for the Wolverine State, or the Great Lakes State, as Michigan is sometimes fondly called. You are intrigued by the freshwater lakes that surround it and its many beautiful places.

As a truck driver, you are even more partial towards Michigan because it is often known as the birthplace of automotives. You imagine yourself driving across its many interstate and state highways as well as its many bridges on a massive truck, for many hours on end, with your favourite band playing on the stereo, and perhaps a dog for company.

Which is why you plan to get a truck driving job in Michigan. The only problem is, you don’t have a clue as to where to start looking for one.

Read on to find some useful sites on the internet where you can look through numerous truck driving jobs in Michigan.

Trucker Trucker – www.truckertrucker.com
The Trucker Trucker site promises that all its applicants are not only identified by a number, but are known as people, and are treated as if they were friends of family members. The jobs they post on their site are usually from small to medium-sized companies that require some truck driving services. It offers all kinds of truck driving jobs – from company driver, owner operator, regional, local, and long haul driving posts.

Elite Truck Driving Jobs – www.elitetruckdrivingjobs.com
If you have solid truck driving experience and have a clean driving record, this site is particularly helpful if you want to find truck driving jobs that require experienced, or elite drivers, and definitely pay better salaries. Application is free and the site assures that the information you send on their website is secure.

Find a Trucking Job – www.findatruckingjob.com
The site’s title already tells you all you need to know about it – basically, Find a Trucking Job is a site that enumerates the many available truck driving jobs across the United States, particularly in Michigan. Through this site you can apply to the companies you’d like to work for, and the information you send is sent over a secure connection.

Big Rig Jobs – www.bigrigjobs.com
This site is pretty much the same as other sites that offer truck driving jobs. It also allows truck drivers to submit their resumes to hundreds of potential employers. As usual, you can search the list of available jobs either by state or by employer.

Some other sites where you can find truck driving jobs in Michigan include the following:

Bubba Junk – www.bubbajunk.com
Just Trucking Jobs – www.justtruckingjobs.com
Top USA Jobs: Alabama Jobs: http://alabama.jobs.topusajobs.com
Jobs in Trucks – www.jobsintrucks.com
Drivers Job Source: www.driversjobsource.com

Once you finally land that truck driving job in Michigan that you’ve been pining for, here are some tips on how you can become a success on the job of your dreams:

1. Irregular sleep patterns are a part of a truck driver’s life, so get used to it. Sometimes, you will have to adjust your travel schedule to avoid traffic jams and highly congested roads. This entails driving in the wee hours of the morning and late into the night, while the rest of the state is asleep. Also, don’t expect to get eight hours of sleep everyday.

2. Watch your diet. We’ve all seen those stereotypical truck drivers portrayed in movies as big-bellied, constantly irritable, and rugged men. Because of the irregular sleep hours, you have a higher tendency to stuff yourself, but as much as possible, try to keep your eating in control.

3. Have fun! This is the job of your dreams, after all, and there are a lot of perks included in the job. Don’t forget to enjoy these perks and have a grand time truck driving in Michigan.

Source: https://positivearticles.com