Metaphysical Parenting

In EmoTrance, we have the concept of the “Creative Template”.

That is who a person was designed to be by the Creative Order at the moment of conception; and then this Creative Template moves through time to its ultimate conclusion, which is death of the physical body and transcendency of those energy systems which are not reliant on the physical body.

The purpose of the Creative Template in EmoTrance is to have people connect with a TRUTH about themselves that is THERE, that is really true, not an idealisation or a fantasy; we all have a Creative Template.

People make unfortunate health goals for example, or appearance goals, personal performance goals, that are either based on:

1. Themselves BACK in time – when they were 16 or something, or “before the accident” which causes CHAOS when applied to a 50 year old who is actually AFTER the accident;


2. Someone who isn’t them at all – that’s when a red haired Xena The Warrior Princess type girl tries to become Brittany Spears, or even worse, when a fully grown black man tries to become Bridget Bardot when she was 18.

Clearly, in personal health, developement and so on you need to make a goal that is based on YOU at the RIGHT TIME, future orientated, forward pointing; so we evoke the Creative Template of a person so we have something to consciously move towards in healing or restoration.

It’s a wonderful thing to find something that is so exclusively yours and STILL so amazingly inspiring; and when we make practitioners look at the Creative Template of their clients so they know what we mean by “Even Flow” or getting a person’s energy system to work the way the Creative Order DESIGNED IT TO WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE (no superhuman nonsense, just as it was designed!), they burst out into tears and are amazed at how remarkable these Creative Templates are.

There is then also an immediate DEEP, DEEP DESIRE in both the client and the practitioner to HELP THE TEMPLATE BE MANIFEST, to do whatever we can to right what once went wrong and get back with that, move towards that, the true Even Flow *for that one specific, unique person*.

What does that have to do with parenting, you might ask?

Well, when I was first exploring the Creative Template, it came to pass that I got very distressed about my kid and didn’t know what to do with him, how to help him, how to make things better, how to ensure he would have a good future.

It just so happened that in the middle of being distraught, the instruction to the EmoTrance practitioners to “see the Creative Template” floated into my mind, and for a split second, I did.

I DID see the kid’s Creative Template.

I was completely blown away by it; totally overawed and what happened was that I felt ashamed that I should ever have DOUBTED him, or his inherent strength, his power, and the fact that he was living HIS OWN life here.

I got very calm right away, and I remember dedicating myself, just as we do in EmoTrance, automatically to ASSIST this amazing being in whatever way I possibly could. Not as a “mother” with all the disturbance that entails, but as one human being, unconditionally, to another.

I am not kidding when I say that this experience changed my life and my relationship with the child profoundly, and I’ve never looked back.

It changed *me* and in changing me, it changed him.

I’ve never doubted him really since, and he doesn’t doubt himself nearly as much as he did, and when he does, it really is top level stuff all kids have to deal with in these stupid societies of ours.

I’ve since advised other parents in moments of freakouts to do that, to look not at what they think they see when they see their child, but at their Creative Template instead.

That is an INCREDIBLE being, not the little whiner who makes your life hell, or some defective disapointment from the ideal little sweet child of fantasy and make belief.

That is REAL and it is right here in your life.

To just get a little taste of that is life changing.

To the child, to have a parent who SAW THAT IN THEM must be life changing also.

It MUST be.

To have your parent see YOU for what you REALLY are, just for one instant, and that’s quite enough, is the dream of all children – you’ve made mummy or daddy proud, they admire you unconditionally, you don’t have to prove anything anymore.

Just imagine your parents had given you that, how different so many things would be.

But all metaphysics aside, this is a very practical thing.

It holds the answers for the moments when you as a parent are at your wit’s end, and you don’t know what you should do.

Once you’ve touched the Creative Template, no matter how briefly again, you DO know. It tells you somehow.

It re-assures you and puts all things back in perspective.

And it makes you love them with all your heart, no matter what, and that, not washing their socks or running rings around them, is what makes a great parent, at the end of the day.

So simple, such profound results.

All parents should know this, not just EmoTrance practitioners.

Try it for yourself. Even if you can only get a brief flash of what the Creative Template really is, it will help you be a better parent – and give you a real tool for those moments of crisis.