Metamorphosing Into An Expert

Every last one of us wishes we could turn into experts. I think it would be remarkable to have people run to you each time that they have a question. Then, you can sit down wisely, ponder over their problems, and find the ideal answer from the top of your head. Well, it may not be terribly easy to turn into an expert. It requires years of study, and years of experience. Six months working in an office will not make you the entrepreneurial messiah.

Too many of us are too scattered to become experts at a particular topic. We largely prefer to be jacks of all trades and masters of none. Not that it is a problem to try to be acquainted with only the basics of most subjects. However, the consequence of this is that we lose out on actually becoming an expert. We can repair a fuse, fill out forms, and help out others who are looking for some advice. However, few of us non-experts can reach beyond and get a level of expertise that the common folk lack.

Even experts are unable to talk intelligently about every subject in the world. A professor of History, for example, may be a walking encyclopedia when talking about historical things. He may also have a fairly good knowledge of the art of the period. However, to expect him to also be a connoisseur of modern art is expecting a little too much.

Similarly, it is unfair to expect a mortgage consultant to be exceptionally well-versed in the fluctuations taking place in the share markets. He may have a lot of information about of the current market situation. However, it is not necessary that he has to be well-versed in the various process of the markets.

And what about psychics? A lot of people claim to have psychic abilities. Yet, only a few of them have truly been successful in giving highly accurate psychic readings. So anyone who wants an exact reading goes to those experts only.

I would love to be an expert in Java or C++ or some other programming language. However, that would involve a great deal of effort — effort that I am not ready to put in at this point of time. So if I have a problem (and this is not just limited to programming languages), the simplest thing to do is to run to an expert and get him/her to help me solve it. There really is no point in hassling myself by looking far and wide for answers when there are experts that are ready to help out.