Metal Shelving

Shelves made of metal are quite popular because they are sturdy, long lasting and compact. They are also easy to ship and easy to assemble on site where needed, and come in attractive finishes and customized shapes that fit the application.

Metal shelving can be made with steel for functionality or aluminium when the focus is on display. Metal shelving does not suffer from moisture and wood pests that typically affect wooden shelving. They can also be made with wire, perforated steel, tubes and other components to reduce weight.

Many of us might have assembled custom shelves using slotted steel angles and bolts/nuts. Wood is much more cumbersome to handle and even more difficult to assemble correctly. When it comes to customization, metal is far more flexible.

Metal Shelving for Different Purposes

Galvanized steel shelving can be a cost effective solution for your industrial warehouse. Living rooms and even modern offices might prefer chrome to galvanized steel.

Speaking of customization, shelves are available in numerous styles to suit varied requirements. Listed below are some examples from one supplier:

Supermarket Shelves of different types, from smaller display stand types to larger merchandise stocking shelves.

Convenience Store Shelves suited to the more compact requirements of the smaller stores.

Custom Designed Shelves for specific merchandise such as auto components, auto care products, CDs, Vegetables and Fruits.

Storage Racks designed for heavy, medium and light materials, intended more for safe storage rather than display of merchandise.

Saving Money on Metal Shelves

If you need industrial shelving for your warehouse, galvanized steel shelving can save you money. Estimate your requirements carefully, including the size of the materials to be stored on the shelves and the total shelf space you will need. Work out your shelving design based on suchthis specific data.

Your shelving supplier will be able to help you better if you have created a list of your specific needs. With their experience in the field, they might be able to suggest solutions you might not have thought of.

The Metal Shelving Solution

Metal shelving is an ideal solution in most cases offering as it does desired strength, handling and assembly, the right kinds of finish and proof to the effects of weather. Above all is the ease of customization to varied storage, display and other requirements.

If you take care to identify your specific shelving requirements, metal shelving can provide you with just what you want, at an economic price.