metal outdoor swing set

Should Your Metal Outdoor Swing Set Hang On Ropes or Chain Swings?

When you’re thinking of buying your very own metal outdoor swing set for your home, you might overlook the fact that you also need to consider that types of beams the swing body itself will hang onto. Should you use a rope or a chain for your metal swing? The answer depends on what value you are trying to enhance.

For instance, do you place emphasis more on your metal swing’s physical value? Then a chain swing might be better, because it jives with the metal structure. If you use a rope beam, it might make your metal swing set look unfinished and crude. While rope swings are more environment friendly and easier on the eyes and hands, putting them on metal swings would make the unit look awkward.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a rope swing has no advantages. As said earlier, rope is easier on the hands. Meaning, it does not stain or cause your hands to smell like metal after you use it. And because of its organic nature, it is also easier and less costly to replace.

On the downside, again, because of its organic nature, rope beams are more brittle than chain beams because they decay easily. There are ropes that can be treated with chemicals to make them weather proof, but this naturally entails an additional cost.

Metal chains, on the other hand, are subject to wear, too, particulary rust. Thus, it is not spared from weather-related decay. Also, children might get their hands pinched by the metal so it’s not the safest to use, either (though between this and the rope chain, the metal chain is more sturdy).

In conclusion, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of either outdoor swing support types, there really is no better option than to go with your personal preference. If you’re more comfortable with a rope chain, go for it. But if you feel that getting a metal chain will give you the least hassle (due to the fact you don’t need to replace it every so often), then there’s no stopping you from getting it.

This article only hopes to give you the pros and cons of going with either choice. In the end, it’s still you who calls the shots.