Mercedes-Benz Releases New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz has been leading the way in high-performance vehicles since its inception. It’s not only the Three-Pointed Star that makes this vehicle top dog in the industry, but its renowned innovation, sophisticated design and radical technology that keep the masses coming back for more. This time Mercedes-Benz has unequivocally out done itself. The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG not only keeps us enamored with its elegant design, but mystifies us with is new light-weight construction.

The new structure is the key feature distinguishing the new S-class from its predecessors. It defies the laws of gravity with its light-weight lithium-ion battery, forged aluminum wheels, and carbon fiber spare-wheel recess, which makes it 220 pounds less than the prior model. Additionally, the whole outer casing and the roof are made of high quality aluminum reducing the cars weight even more.

Without a doubt the 2014 Mercedes S63 AMG is leading the industry as the most powerful S-class you can buy across the world. With its twin turbocharged 5.5 liter V-8 pack powerhouse acceleration, make sure you hold on when you tap the gas pedal. This machine is capable of shelling out a minimum of 577 horsepower and 664lb-ft of torque leaving a thick cloud of dust over everything in its wake.

Its dynamic suspension allows for unparalleled performance. The AIRMATIC full air system is equipped with the Adaptive Damping System ADS PLUS. It permits a better adaption to road conditions and provides automatic leveling. Furthermore, a stiffer sub-frame and a larger anti-roll bar were exclusively developed for the S63, which helps optimize the vehicle’s dexterity when driving vigorously.

The S63 is also equipped with Electro-mechanical AMG sports steering that enhances vehicle handling and agility, helping maintain ultimate driving safety at accelerated speeds. When the suspension mode is selected for “Comfort”, more steering assistance is provided for comfort. When the “Sport” suspension mode is selected, the driver will experience a stiffer steering assistance that will help you feel the road better.

The brakes have also been designed exclusively for the new model. Being able to stop on a dime, or slowdown drastically at high speeds is a given for any high-performance AMG car. There is no exception for the new S-class. A specially designed light-weight, fade-resistant AMG brake system is installed in every S63. This two-piece brake system is now available for the first time. It’s more corrosion resistant and has a higher thermal stability, ensuring a longer service life. 

The interior design is distinctive to the S-class, but now sports some extra eccentric amenities. The S-class is the first Mercedes Benz to dispute the Audi’s position as the leading designer of interior. Every aspect within the S63 is elegantly chosen with focus, down to the last feature. The ambient lighting can be adjusted in seven different hues of color. Every surface is luxuriously upholstered with rich woods or genuine aluminum.

The seats are equipped with a massage function that mimics a hot stone spa treatment. Enjoy dual flat-screen displays that show realistic animated navigation, entertainment, and driving systems. Even your back seat passengers will enjoy the luxurious comforts offered like power leg rests and foot rests. The cabin air has the capability to be ionized, double-filtered, and even infused by a state-of-the-art aromatherapy system.

Its technology sets the pace for future safety standards. The new S63 literally examines the road ahead and 360 degrees around, to spot any potential dangers in the road. To help avoid collisions, the new S-class has a team of systems that are standard and optional to assist in braking and alert the driver. 

The 2014 S63 AMG is creating a buzz everywhere as the most powerful high preforming sedan in the luxury segment. It sets a new standard for driving dynamics with its light-weight construction and efficiency. It’s truly a spectacular machine built for speed, class and indulgence. This machine is built for luxury car connoisseurs who enjoy the absolute best. Starting at $92,900, you can’t beat this price. Locate your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership now!