Mental Atmosphere Of People, Things And Places

Every person has a mental atmosphere around him that he creates with his thoughts and feelings. The mental atmosphere is also his aura of energy that emanates from his being. When a group of people come together, they form a collective mental atmosphere which is a mixture of the consciousness of every person in the group. The mental atmosphere of people existing in a certain place for a certain time, forms the mental atmosphere of the place itself.

The mental atmosphere of a person is a combination of his current thoughts and feelings and also the sum of thoughts and feelings he has been experiencing all along. You can sense a person’s present state as well as the past that he has been experiencing in his life. When you come into the presence of another person, without even saying a word, you are able to know a lot about them based on their mental atmosphere.

We are automatically drawn to certain people whose mental atmosphere resonates with our own. We are able to connect and relate with them quickly and easily. A person’s mental atmosphere is his power of attraction. The thoughts and feelings we project attract certain people to us and repel others away. We find ourselves drawn together with others who resonate with how we think and feel everywhere we go.

We also find that when we are with people whose consciousness do not vibrate at our level, we either repel from them or they simply do not stick with us. It is the mental atmosphere that determines whether a person is able connect with other people or not. When a new person joins a group, the mental atmospheres of both the person and the group are automatically shifted in order to form the new collective mental atmosphere.

When one person’s mental atmosphere in a group is shift to a level where it does not resonate with the group’s, that’s when there will be a split between the person and the group. The person will stay apart from the group as long as there is a dissonance until either his consciousness or the group’s is shifted back into resonance with each other. Every person in the group has the ability to shift the collective mental atmosphere with their own at any time.

Animals and children are able to detect the mental atmosphere of a person better than others. An animal or a child can sense whether a person is kind or harmful when he is in their presence. You can always tell the nature of a person by how animals and children behave around him. But there are people who are able to fool animals and children by masking their true nature and intent by projecting a fake mental atmosphere.

It takes someone with discernment in order to perceive when someone is projecting a fake mental atmosphere to hide another. We are usually able to perceive a double sensation from such people. One sensation is stronger than the other. The one that they are projecting appears to be the dominant mental atmosphere at that moment, but there is the presence of a weaker mental atmosphere underlying it.

The perception is so subtle that we could easily ignore it. But yet the underlying mental atmosphere seems to contradict the one they are projecting. There are times when the two atmospheres switch dominance, and that’s when we catch them revealing their true nature. They can fool all people some of the time, or some people all of the time, but they can never fool all people all of the time.

A person’s dominant mental atmosphere may also be real instead of fake. The difference whether someone is faking their mental atmosphere or not is determined by their intent. Sometimes a person projects a new mental atmosphere in order to override a previous one. He is working on changing his state of consciousness to a different one. The presence of the old consciousness is still there but is in the process of being replaced by the new one.

The things that we use also contain the imprint of our mental atmosphere. They are imbued with the energy of our thoughts and feelings. When you come into contact with an object that belongs to someone, you feel as though their presence is with it. By perceiving their energy present in it, you can sense how they are like, and the past they have experienced with the object.

We are always connected to the things and people that we come into contact with. The strongest connections we have are with those that are precious and have significant meaning to us. The stronger the connection, the more our energy is present with it. You can affect the consciousness of a person by affecting the energy of the thing that belongs to him or her.

When we give a gift to someone, it is also imbued with our energy. The more thought and feeling we put into the gift, the more our consciousness is felt in that gift. Every time person who receives it looks at it or touches it, he or she senses our consciousness when we gave the gift. Our present contain our presence. If we treat our giving lightly and insincerely, that’s what they feel. If we treat our giving thoughtfully and truly, that’s what they feel.

Places contain the mental atmosphere of the thoughts and feelings that people have been experiencing in them. When we go to a certain place, we feel that is fun, exciting, romantic, scary, peaceful, sad, boring or confusing. Our consciousness is affected by the mental atmosphere of the place and we feel like doing the things that is normally done by others when they are there. When you enter a library you feel like reading, when you enter a dance club you feel like dancing.

Even when the people who inhabited a place leave it, the mental atmosphere still remains. It may be totally empty when we enter, but we are able to get a sense of what has been going on there before. That’s the reason why haunted house still have the presence of an evil or scary experience although the people that lived in it are long gone. No one is there but the thoughts and feelings are still present and we can perceive them.

We can change the mental atmosphere of a place by creating a new one to replace it. When Christians enter a haunted house and worship God in it, they break the curse and dispel the negative vibrations that have been around all long. The mental atmosphere becomes cleansed and transformed into one that is filled with light, love and life. When necessary, you can always transform the vibrations of a place by performing a new activity in it that creates strong thoughts and emotions to override the old.

The mental atmosphere of places with great historical significance remain unchanged because people preserve them. They are a link that connects our consciousness to the past. When we enter such ancient places, we feel as though we have stepped into a different time that still has its effect in the present. The events of history are written on the walls of time, so that we may read the details with our consciousness and feelings.