Men’s Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Men”s skin care has become more common place. It now takes more than a quick wash, shave and a dab of aftershave.

The skin care regimens for men are aimed at educating men, not only of the benefits gained in having younger healthier looking skin but also of the health benefits as well.

Not only is a man’s skin 20% thicker and firmer than most women’s skin due to extra collagen and elastin found in their skin but it also tends to be more oily with larger pores which tend to collect sweat and dirt more readily. Add to this the dehydration caused through daily shaving and this can have a serious affect on the skin.

In order to avoid dehydration, skin problems and the early signs of aging such as wrinkles, good skin care is vital.

Besides just washing your face, your pores need to be cleaned out which will help keep the oils down and help prevent acne.

Also needed for skin care is a good cleanser specially formulated for your skin type is the best way rather than a bar of soap which can be made of harsh chemical that as well as clean also strip your skin of vital oils and have a scouring effect as will alcohol based after shave products.

Using a swivel-head razor rather than a disposable razor is a good habit to get into.

Next on the list for men’s skin care is a moisturizer, again using one that is made for your skin type will rejuvenate your skin. Many men with oily or trouble skin are afraid to use moisturizer but the right one will not cause you any problems for your skin.

You are not putting oil on your skin, you are giving it moisture. At this point it is appropriate to mention that most men’s skin care ranges are formulated especially for men which means no “girly” fragrances.

Men don’t even consider sunscreen as a part of the overall skin care program. You wouldn’t go for a day at the beach or a picnic with applying sunscreen. Yet your face is exposed to the sun and the other elements every day, apart from the drying effects of the sun, research has shown that skin cancer on the face is increasingly common.

So the skin care program should include protecting your most exposed parts of your body, your face and hands with at least a 15+ SPF sunscreen is something that should become as automatic as shaving.

Many moisturizers now have is built in sunscreens or alternatively, you can use any brand of sunscreen with the required level of protection, remembering to reapply at regular intervals.

It is not too hard to find a men’s skin care range to suit your skin with many leading companies developing good quality products to clean, moisturize and protect your skin.

It’s time to clear a spot in the bathroom for the new skin care products to help protect your skin and keep you healthy.