Menorah- A Festival of Eight Days

Chanukah is a festival with duration of eight days. It begins on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Kislev. It is celebrates to rejoice the victory of the Jews against religious oppression and Greek persecution.

In addition to being successful in battle, one more wonder happened. When the Maccabees arrive to rededicate the shrine, they discover only solitary container of oil with which to light the Menorah. This little container lasted for next eight days. One story of the motive for lighting the Chanukah Menorahs, every day for eight days, is in festivity for this wonder, but there are numerous replies presented to resolve the discussion and the questions surrounding these replies.

Here are some facts that are related to the menorah:

– Menorah is made out of a single block pure gold with no adulteration in the gold.

– It weight is just around 150 pounds and is approximately 5 feet tall.

– it’s structure includes seven branches; a center stem and three sub stem extend from each side

– according to Rashi and Maimonides, the side- stem extended from the center stem in a diagonal line, not in circular arc as most of the art designs.

– It was placed alongside the southern wall of the shrine, opposite the ‘shulchan’, the bench which held the12 show-breads.

– Extra pure olive oil was used in the cups – not crushed, gently pressed and just the first emerging drops were believed to be pure sufficiently to be used in Menorah.

The every day lighting and maintenance of the menorah was a job allocated to the priests (Kohanim). Amusingly, though only the priests were allowed to organize the menorah, there were no limitations as to who could glow it. The site of the unique and original menorah is unidentified today but the representation lives on. Menorah is the national emblem of the State of Israel, sided by two olive branches.

The customary lighting has developed into a festivity of the amazing triumph of the Jews against religious and persecution oppression, by the Greeks, as well as a celebration of a miracle. People take it as a festival of love and fun. All family members gather to celebrate this festival. Though it’s not a long holidays but still children enjoy it a lot. Menorah is the main attraction of this festival. Hope you all will enjoy celebrating this festival.