Meet the “A-Ha” (and Electrify Your Business!)

Copyright 2006 Lani and Allen Voivod

Thanks to folks like Edison, Jung, Einstein, and Winfrey, we’ve all heard of the “Aha! Moment.” It’s that beautiful flash of insight – an epiphany! – that comes to us when we’re busy doing something else. Or perhaps more often, happily unbusy, doing absolutely nothing of quantitative value.

That flash of insight is, literally, a divine gift – especially when it comes to your business. It can create products, improve services, open up doors, unleash opportunities, or simply give you a solution to a problem that’s been nagging you mercilessly.

It’s a gift, but it’s not the goal. An “Aha!” is only the beginning.

An “A-Ha!” is your goal.

Tom-AHA-toes, Tom-A-HA-toes. What’s the diff?

How many true “Aha! Moments” do you suppose you’ve had in your life time? Three? Seventeen? Six-million-four-hundred-thousand-nine-hundred-seventy-two?

Now how many of those “Aha! Moments” have you had the time, tools, or energy to pursue?

Sure, maybe they got as far as your notebook, or you gushed them out in full detail to your spouse, best friend, or business partner (in our case, it’s all the same person!), but have you ever been able to cultivate even just one of your brilliant bolts to its full and thunderous destiny – one that would deliver a boom to your bank account?

Not easy, my friend. Not easy as all.

So while the “Aha! Moment” can be a thrilling, delightful experience, it can also squash your will to launch or grow your own business. Because too may “Aha! Moments” without the means or guidance to pursue them leads to painful – even hopeless – conclusions.

“Why bother? I can’t do anything about it right now anyway.” “Great – another million dollar idea I’ll never set into action.” “I hate my brain. I hate my business. I hate what I’ve done with my life!”

Wait! Before You Pull a Pandora and Leave Hope Locked Up in a Box Forever… Meet the “A-Ha.”

More than just an alternative spelling (or a ploy by the Hyphen Industry to infiltrate your favorite sayings), the A-Ha is an exquisite hybrid of high-quality wisdom, knowledge, jubilation, and experience. It:

1. Invokes the “Aha!” in all its untainted glory.

2. Invites you to see the two words that comprise the “Aha!” The gentle, singular, user-friendly article “A.” That simplest expression of gratified laughter, “Ha.”

3. Bridges the connection (with the hyphen) to reveal the ultimate dynamic equation:


Of course, laughter IS happiness in action, so “Insight + Action = A-Ha!” works, too.

So What Does the “A-Ha” Mean for YOUR Business? For most entrepreneurs, ideas and insights are never in short supply. But imagine if you picked your favorites – be selective! – and attached strategic, bliss-infused ACTIONS to them on a consistent basis.

Starting to see the light?

Bold Insight plus Joy-filled Action.

That’s the golden ticket. Stick that formula into your small biz arsenal, and before you know it, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.