Meet Jehovah’s witnesses in the web

Let’s say that is not easy to meet other Jehovah’s witnesses in the web and this article wants to provide some advices on how to search good sites for Jehovah’s witnesses. The first difficulty that we meet in browsing the web is that we encounter many websites that seems meeting places for Jehovah’s witnesses but that reveal themselves as places for discussions about Jehovah’s witnesses, everyone is welcome and so many opposers and apostates are found there. This becomes quite clear when you put in a search engine the query “Jehovah’s witnesses” and then in the results after the and the wikipedia appears many apostate sites, this just because search engines are robots and so they rank sites that are relevant to our search but can’t distinguish between good and bad.

You can get over it using directories because directories are lists of sites organized by humans and not by computers. The largest directory in internet is the dmoz directory located at, if you search by “Jehovah’s witnesses” you can find interesting websites that can be safe places to meet other brothers and sisters: there you can visit all groups of links except the opposing views to find interesting websites. Our problem anyway is not completely solved because the dmoz doesn’t list all the existing sites that can prove themselves as safe meeting places for Jehovah’s witnesses and so you’ve to go back to search engines to find other nice sites. While putting in the search field “Jehovah’s witnesses” provides you too many results that don’t match your requirements you can put queries like “only active Jehovah’s witnesses”, “active Jehovah’s witnesses”, “true Jehovah’s witnesses”, “real Jehovah’s witnesses”, “meet Jehovah’s witnesses” and “single Jehovah’s witnesses” too and in this way you’ll find some interesting sites. Don’t forget to use MSN, Google and Yahoo because browsing different search engines will provide you a more complete view. In addiction to this there’re groups maintained by Jehovah’s witnesses and i’m referring to the msn groups, yahoo groups and others. Just go to MSN and put in the search field the word “group” and see the most important communities listed, then go to each community and search it for “Jehovah’s witnesses” and nice sites will appear. Also you can find other Jehovah’s witnesses using the search members feature provided by many instant messengers.

A problem that arise is on how can i be sure that who identifies him/herself as a Jehovah’s witness really is ? Some sites have a feature that requires to put a song from the actual KM to subscribe but we know that at the same time members can be disfellowshipped or getting inactive then how can we get over the problem ? It’s simple, since if the login is required by entering a song from the KM then access will be limited only to the members that own that information and we know that KM is given to only active Jehovah’s witnesses. Anyway neither the knowing a song from the KM tells you if who you meet is a good Jehovah’s witness or not so you can also meet other Jehovah’s witnesses and be sure of their spiritual health through brothers and sisters that you’re already in contact with…