Meditation Techniques | Hong Sau Meditation Technique | Breathing Exercise

So why meditate? As meditation promises, it brings one a sense of deep fulfillment. A person totally committed to it, regardless of the meditation technique, experiences total bliss. In contrast to other methods which promise the same thing, what we acquire from meditation is not only a fleeting feeling. While some people needing to clear their minds and their bodies from too much stress find solace in the meditation technique, others turn to some other solutions like drugs. Promising a higher than high feeling to the users, drugs result in an individual’s self-mutilation and destruction. The sense of exhilaration the users get are not even lasting, but a short-lived one. Any meditation technique is a promise of an adventure to discovering one’s true self. It is natural, healthy, and absolutely free.

There are plenty of techniques that you can do to get better meditation results. Several online sites provide several techniques and their procedures. One example is the Hong Sau meditation technique. Hong Sau is an easy meditation technique that claims to let you connect with your inner abilities of great vitality, and love, among others. Furthermore this particular meditation technique is said to also let you connect with God.

Hong Sau works when a person gets a grasp on how to control his breathing. It states that the breathing is considered to be the greatest barrier to attaining a deep state of meditation. In practicing the Hong Sau meditation technique, one need to focus on the breath and a deep calmness will soon be achieved.

So how should we go about this meditation technique? One should sit upright, spine straight, but in a comfortable enough position. Focus your view between your eyebrows. Breathe in till the count of eight and hold your breath for eight counts as well without looking away from the point between your eyebrows. Breathe out slowly till the count of eight. Do this process three to six times.

After the breathing exercise, breathe in another time and mentally say “Hong”. Then mentally say Sau (pronounced like saw) while you breathe out. The term Hong Sau means “I am He” or “I am Spirit”. Don’t control your breathing, instead, breathe naturally. You will soon feel that your breathing seems to be making the Hong and Sau sounds.

When you become more relaxed, feel the breathe go higher and higher in the nose. All the while, keep your gaze at the same point between your eyebrows. Keep practicing this meditation technique as long as you want to, until it brings you to a deeper state of serenity and the highest sense of calmness.