Meditation Furniture | Meditation Cushions | Meditation Chairs

Meditation furniture is as necessary as the mantra you chant during meditation sessions. And why is this so? Is it not a better idea to just sit down on the floor while meditating?

Meditation Furniture: Meditation Seats

Sitting on the floor cross legged or in any other position is not advisable for everybody. Some have back pains, others are prone to leg cramps, while some are just plain uncomfortable. Meditation furniture which includes meditation cushions may get rid of some of the problems. However, if these won’t prove to be of any help, there are also meditation seats specially designed to stop back pains due to posture problems. Some come with foldable legs adjustable to different heights in order to improve blood circulation on a person’s legs.

Meditation Chairs

Some meditation furniture, particularly meditation chairs are tilted in some angle in order to mold the shape of the back and prevent slouching during the meditation sessions. There are also available easels to prop up your books and script guides while meditating.

Meditation furniture is really a wide array of tables, chairs, cushions and what-have-you’s. Meditation furniture doesn’t exactly have to look boring and stiff or too formal. A lot of the meditation furniture available online are even very cozy and informal. The Seagrass Harmony Loveseat would double as a favorite chair for your late-movie marathon.

Meditation Cushions

Meditation cushions may simply look like the bean bag in your family room, but there are actually reasons for using these during meditation. These cushions and benches encourage the “relaxation response”. Different people have different body structure that is why it is important to find a sitting position that will work best for you. Some persons change their positions as well as their sitting tools to achieve a better and a more relaxing posture.

Online Sites for Meditation Furniture

There are online sites that offer individuals to try out their meditation furniture like the cushions, and see if it will work for them. You can send it back if it won’t work for you. It even has the inflatable zafu which is the smallest meditation furniture there is. It is specially designed for travel, weighing only six ounces and is no bigger than a paperback novel when deflated.

Cushions and zafus with buckwheat hull are perfect for those who are very fond of bean bags. The buckwheat conforms to one’s shape as well but actually offers a firmer seating.

Meditation furniture need not be stiff like the pews in the church. They can be as cozy as the living room pillows and as welcoming as grandma’s rocking chair. And they definitely make meditation a lot less difficult to practice.