Meditation for Kids

Kids have great imaginations and one wonderful meditation
for a child is to have him sit and picture being at the
beach. You can enhance his experience by using a sound
machine that has ocean waves. Talk about smelling the salt,
hearing the gulls flying and imagining the waves flowing
back and forth.

Use some visualization about the waves come in and washing
over the sand then returning. Try to give some pictures to
enhance the child’s experience such as feeling the sun on
his face and body , the towel underneath him etc. Kids need
ways to relax and are very good at getting into the moment
when guided.

How about utilizing music?

Free meditation music is available on the net. You can go to
youtube and type in phrases such as “meditation music”,
“kirtan”, “new age music” and “meditation sounds” to be able
to listen to music for free. This can also be applied to
google’s video site.

There are also some free and beautiful tracks at which include
music with flues, sitar and harmoniums all ideal for
acheiving a state of mind conducive to meditation. Don’t
forget to check out itunes as well as podcasts to find
additional free meditation music. This can also be useful
for relaxation or insomnia difficulties.