Meditation Equals Serenity

Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing on an object, a sound or your breath. The idea behind meditation is to focus or concentrate your thoughts on one relaxing thing for a sustained period of time. Usually 15 – 30 minutes will do.

It is important to know that there is no experience that should be desired during meditation.

You should begin your meditation by sitting comfortably in a cross legged position, when possible. This method is best known in the West as zasen, or sitting meditation, of Zen. Sitting in meditation helps quiet your mind and leaves you feeling clear, peaceful and relaxed.

Benefits of:

Although Benefits are not sought, many benefits are achieved from daily meditation practice.

By practicing daily meditation you will experience, relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus, clarity and a sense of peace.

In some people meditation can help relieve stress or anxiety related disorders such as depression, insomnia, headaches, poor concentration and hypertension (high blood pressure.)

Those who practice meditation regularly claim it can free you from all affliction. If meditation is practiced on a regular basis, these beneficial changes become relatively permanent.

The Practice of:

Like most skills, meditation requires you to practice in order to achieve positive and satisfying results. Of course longer meditation periods create better results and this will be realized when you build up some experience.

Some people use this time as a form of worship but the great thing about meditation is that you can practice it without any religious overtones whatsoever.

As you begin to practice meditation more frequently, it will become easier. Even though, meditation can be performed anywhere, it is always best to practice the ritual in the same space for comfort and sense of security.

After you have mastered meditation, the mind is unchanging like the stillness of water in a windless place. In the still mind, and in the depths of meditation, your eternal Self reveals itself. The ultimate goal is for meditation to become a continuous state of mind. If you get distracted, do some breathing meditation to calm your mind. Unfortunately, once the mind thinks of some other factors like mental commentary, analysis, or internal gossip, your meditation will come to an end.

And lastly…

Please take note that while in deep states of meditation, some people become aware of long-buried memories of child abuse or other childhood traumas, so don’t be surprised. Once on a regular schedule, meditation becomes a blissful, pleasurable, dynamic experience that you always look forward to.