Meaning of the Engagement Ring

The Meaning of the Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have been giving to fiancés for centuries as a symbol of the lasting love and bond that a man and a woman share together. Your engagement ring should be designed or selected specifically with your relationship in mind. Therefore, it is not a good idea to reuse engagement rings or to take the purchase of them for granted.

Many people even design their own engagement rings, either by getting artistic and hand-crafting them, or having a jeweler customize the stone and setting for them. When you personalize your engagement ring, you are creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will last you and your wife for the decades to come.

Because an engagement ring is given at the time of a proposal, it is important that you assess the type and style of ring that your future wife would want. The proposal and the ring should be selected specifically for your girlfriend’s enjoyment and to suit her tastes. You are telling your girlfriend at the proposal time that you would like her to make a lifelong commitment to you and that, likewise, you are prepared to make a lifelong commitment to her. The ring is simply a symbol of that love.

It is important that when you present your girlfriend with the engagement ring that you are sincere and that you express your undying love and interest in her. You are asking her to abandon her state of being single and to join with you in what will be a lifetime of matrimony. The better your engagement speech is, the better your proposal will be in terms of meaning and impact.

Throughout the course of your marriage, it is important that you both always wear your rings. The rings will thus travel with you wherever you go and they will stay as a constant remembrance of the love that you share. The ring that you purchase will be worn for the rest of your wife’s life together, so it is important that you make the purchase of it wisely.

Generally, couples will upgrade the engagement ring on anniversaries and special occasions by adding additional stones or by changing the setting. Keep in mind that your engagement ring will serve to share your love not only for the duration of the life that you share with your wife, but chances are good that it will also stay in your family for generations as you pass it to your children and grand children.