Mayo MedAir Puts Safety First

The Mayo Clinic is well known for their top-notch medical standards and quality. People from all over the world enlist the services of the Mayo Clinic when medical situations arise that need specialized care. Like the Mayo Clinic, Mayo MedAir puts the patient and safety first. Any patient that requires air ambulance transport will be properly monitored, comfortable, and safe during the flight.

Mayo MedAir is a member of the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services. Although no federal standards exist in the industry, air ambulance companies certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services are known to meet or exceed minimum standards. Such standards include competency and safety requirements. Standards in education, administration, communication, and maintenance are also considered. Mayo MedAir is the only CAMTS certified air ambulance company in the state of Minnesota, and one of few companies around the globe to make this level of commitment.

Mayo MedAir flights are known for their safety record. Each air ambulance has two pilots on board. The pilots are required to have numerous hours of experienced flight time. Several hours of flight time in high-traffic areas are a requirement for Mayo MedAir pilots. Unlike some other air ambulance companies, Mayo MedAir does not send out a single pilot on a medical mission. The pilots at Mayo MedAir are dedicated to medical missions. They are not pulled away from other positions to man a flight in an emergency.

The medical staff that accompanies the patient are a team of no fewer than two members. Each medical team is highly trained to tackle any condition the patient may have or an emergency that arises during transport. In specialized cases, the Mayo MedAir medical team may consist of more members that can directly deal with the specific medical needs of the patient. This fact is especially important in cases involving the need for NICU services or a respiratory therapist, for instance. Each member of the team works at the Mayo Clinic and is specially trained for critical care.

The medical team has a medical director above them that oversees their work. This position is filled by a Mayo Clinic physician trained in emergency care. The medical director is responsible for the actions of the medical team during the flight and transport, so the quality standards and safety record remains high. The care of the patient becomes top priority.

Safety of the patient is of utmost importance to Mayo MedAir. For this reason, each air ambulance carries standard equipment that allows the patient to receive proper treatment during transit. In addition to specialized medical tools and equipment, the air ambulance has the technology to stay in contact with physicians on the ground during the entire flight. Whether communication is via phone, email, or text message, the medical team and hospital are aware of all circumstances during transit.

It is clear to see that Mayo MedAir is committed to patient safety. This air ambulance service is dedicated to quality service. Every aspect of safety and patient care has been considered.