Mauritius – An Idyllic Holiday Destination

Mauritius has become one of the ideal holiday destinations for an unforgettable family vacation as well as honeymooners. There are many reasons behind it. The splendid white sand beaches ,the sugarcane plantation, picturesque mountains and the multi-cultural heritage are some of the most attractive features of Mauritius. Here follows a detailed description about how to get best out of your Mauritius holidays.

Mauritius-an introduction

Mauritius is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius. The country consists of three islands in the Indian Ocean and it lies off the East coast of the African continent. If you go to the country , you will see that Mauritius is a beautiful beach setting country with white sands and a topaz shoreline. The temperature is very suitable throughout the year. The country also has some rain forest and palm Savannah inland. In Mauritius you will come into the contact of a multi-cultured society. The people of the country share different ethnic origins. There are people from India, continental Africa, Madagascar, France, Great Britain, China etc. As the people of the country are from different ethnic groups, there are also plenty of festivals throughout the year such as Cavadee, Chinese New Year, Père Laval, Diwali, Mahashivratri and Eid Al-Fitr, or Christmas.

Things to do in Mauritius

There are, in fact, plenty of things to enjoy in Mauritius. So, you should plan your holidays well in order to enjoy most during your stay in Mauritius. At first, in Mauritius you can enjoy water sports. There are thrilling and white knuckle water sports available all around Mauritius. The popular water sports in Mauritius include underwater submarine rides, wind surfing, sea kayaking and scuba diving. You can also enjoy the pleasure of a sunbath in the beaches of Mauritius. There are also pampering holiday spas available in most of the hotels. Mauritius is also an ideal destination for golf lovers. The country’s climate supports the ideal golf holiday and almost all country clubs and hotels provide golf courses in Mauritius.

Night life in Mauritius

Mauritius also offers plenty of night life experiences. There are night clubs, bars, shopping malls and casinos, which are open all day round. All these things also have made Mauritius as an ideal place for the honeymoon couples. So, if you visit Mauritius on your honeymoon, an exciting time waits for you.

Mauritius Holiday Packages

If you want to travel Mauritius cheaply as well as comfortably, you should contact the travel agencies for Mauritius holiday packages. You will also easily find many online travel agencies, who organize Mauritius holiday packages throughout the year.

Thus, a wide range of water sports, golf courses and other mind blowing features have made Mauritius as a perfect holiday destination. And holidays in Mauritius will be an experience that you will not forget soon.