Maternity Wear and Maternity Sleepwear

Maternity Sleepwear is an absolute must-have for today’s expecting mom. While there’s no easy way to get a good night’s sleep when you are months away from expecting a baby, high quality and comfortable clothing will help you relax a little more while offering some style to your maternity loungewear wardrobe. Most maternity sleepwear is made with nursing access for postpartum wear and makes for a very good long-term investment.

Maternity pajamas should generally be purchased in your pre-pregnancy size unless you have gained more than the average 25-35 pounds. Also, if you are carrying twins or multiples, you will need to go up a size (or two!). Many maternity nightgowns also include bra sizing as they may be more fitted in the bust and offer some bust support with nursing access. Make sure you allow room for up to one cup size larger in the bust if you buying while still expecting and plan to also wear your maternity nightie or maternity pajamas postpartum for nursing.

Designer ones comes in as many different styles whether you are looking for casual, fun, flirty or sexy, you are sure to find your style. The selection includes maternity pajamas, camisoles, sexy maternity gowns, maternity robes and transitional yoga pants. The 3 and 4 piece maternity/nursing nightie and PJ sets usually include robes and a baby sleeper for your newborn. These sleepwear sets make for very popular baby shower gifts as they can be used at the hospital (or sooner) by the mom-to-be and soon after by baby. Many expecting moms put these on their gift list for friends and family!

Japanese Weekend’s Nursing Lougewear PJs are a very popular staple style for both maternity wear and for nursing. This 2 piece set gives some support in the bust with an easy pull down access and very stretchy material to accommodate changing bust and belly sizes. The cropped pants fit under the belly with a stetchy elastic band that comfortably fits your postpartum belly after the baby as well. Japanese Weekend also makes a similar before and after cross-over style for their Nursing Nightgown. The nightgowns are particularly popular for women who have had a c-section and are also good for the hospital and the early weeks following delivery.

Majamas has some great transitional styles for maternity and nursing including the MJs and the Pajannaman. Both of these styles has Majamas’ super soft, stretchy, moisture wicking material with easy pull down nursing access. The MJs come with full length pajama pants which fit under the belly and the Pajannaman come in cropped varieties and also fit under the belly. Both MJs and Pajannaman have short sleeves and cross over tops with bust support. Majamas also has a lot of fun colors and patterns for these trendy and comfortable maternity pajama styles.

If you are looking for fashionable yet functional loungewear that you can wear outside the house, the Majamas Sleepy Dress is a sure win. This dress was originally designed as just a maternity/nursing nightie, but due to the thicker material and great bust support, many women decided to sport this dress outside the house for every kind of function including weddings! This dress has been around for a number of years and comes in a great variety of colors and some patterns and makes a a great year-round staple that can be worn for both maternity and nursing wear and in and out of the bedroom!