Matchmaking Personality Analysis

Personality Analysis Speeds Matchmaking

Many Web sites now offer free personality analysis that they claim will catalyze the matchmaking experience. These Web sites generally offer certified (and uncertified) personality profiles, which offer metrics for everything about a person, such as hobbies, values, sense of humor and family issues. The online dating services then automatically compare your results against the results that other people input. They will take note of your preferences in a partner and will match you accordingly. The entire system is very systematic and controlled.

So the question is: do personality profiles truly speed the matchmaking process? The answer is simple: Yes. For some people. Some people have the type of personality that requires them to be matched with people of similar personalities. Others have the type of personality that is more conducive to accepting a pre-defined and pre-determined destination. As such, if someone tells them that they will be interested in X person, then they will most likely find things about X person that appeal to them greatly.

Other people have a harder time not only accepting that the personality matches work, but also accepting the results of the personality match. Just as personalities vary strongly across the board, someone who likes to be with someone similar to themselves will test very differently than someone who prefers to have a little more flavor in their dealings with their matches.

If you are considering registering with a Web site that deals in online personality profiling, then you may be a prime candidate for long-term and sustained love with your match. It is quite possible that you already subscribe to the notion that personality testing is a valuable tool to help speed the matchmaking process and you most likely trust the results of it.

However, be aware that not all people do believe in personality testing. Therefore, do not fall into the habit of only looking for love from those sites that offer the personality testing. The person that you’re waiting for could possible be on another site or could be offline altogether.

Once you meet that person who you think might be a perfect match, whether you have a profile for him or not, it is important that you give him every opportunity to let himself be known. Do not assume to know exactly who he is through his personality profile. Instead, it is important that you spend quality time actually talking with him and asking probing questions of your own. You can only learn someone’s true qualities by spending a lot of time with him and being open to learning.