Match Your Zodiacs

Is your heart-throb your perfect match? Find it out through your zodiac match. Even if he or she is not, then don’t worry.
See what the experts have to say. Go by the Zodiac! Zodiacs give you the big picture of your relationship. The sources of your chemistry, the psychological portrait of each partner, and the points of possible conflicts are all explored…And you will discover the primary source of the strengths and weaknesses of your bond. This is no way to perplex you. It is just to help you to be perfect love type. Help yourself lead a better love-life now and for the beautiful years to come.
In Astrology, zodiacs can say a part of the story. Some of it fit to the person concerned, some don’t. But, its always good to know your perfect match, and what are your lover’s love traits.
Aries(Mar 20th to Apr 19th)
Aries are a bit too emotional in relations, but generally hides them. They are possessive by nature, and are even prone to jealousy. They are the ones who can declare and express their love well, and are not the kind to hold their emotions back. Immensely passionate and are devoted. Are spontaneous and romantic. Trusting comes easily to an Aries. If an Aries is ditched once, he or she, will remain hurt for sometime, but after sometime would forget it and would trust again.
As far as the negative traits are concerned, an Arian can be unpredictable, jealous, fickle-minded, naïve and impulsive.
Leo and Sagittarian is a perfect match for an Arian.

Taurus(Apr 19th to May 20th)
Ones with the zodiac Taurus, are well-known for their loyalty and devotion. They are highly protective of the people they love and care for. Due to this very quality if theirs, they are very warm and gentle. Are understanding and caring too. Due to their possessive nature, they are prone to jealousy quite easily. They love to be pampered.
A Taurean can be very stubborn, strong-headed and opinionated. These are considered negative in them.
A Virgo and a Capricorn is a perfect match for a Taurean.

Gemini(May 20th to Jun 20th)
A Gemini loves silly pamper. They tend to get possessive, be it any relationship. When it comes to love, they are fickle-minded, as they prefer excitement and variety in this very serious form of emotion! The easiest way to a Gemini’s heart is through an intelligent conversation. They generally associate with a partner who is much stronger and steadier than they are.
Geminis are quite often selfish. Are too confused, emotional and nervous at times. They often come up as very inquisitive and are contradictory…a GEMINI after all.
A Libran and an Aquarian is a perfect match for a Gemini.

Cancer(Jun 20th to Jul 22nd)
Cancerians are easily hurt. They are very vulnerable and sensitive. They are very emotional, but often mask their feelings behind a very cold persona. A true romantic, and tend to be very possessive of their loved ones. Love, love and love a Cancerian, and he’ll still feel the need for more love! His or her thirst for love, can never be quenched. They often suffer from an insecurity complex, and so they need an assurance every now and then.
Cancerians are prone to mood swings. At times they can be manipulative, clinging and pessimistic.
Ones belonging to the zodiac Pisces, and Scorpio gels best with a Cancerian.

Leo(Jul 22nd to Aug 22nd)
A Leo can be a friend of all times. He or she will be with you through all your ups and downs. They are warm and considerate. Like many others, Leos too are possessive, and are prone to jealousy very easily. Love or romance with a Leo, can be like a typical fairy-tale. One will be wooed with flowers, candle-light dinners and all. They love to be pampered in love, and are very caring.
Leo are born egoistic. Their negative traits include being stubborn, proud, dominating and arrogant.
Arians and Saggitarians are a Leo’s best friends.

Virgo(Aug 22nd to Sept 22nd)
These people are the most dependable and genuine in each and every form of relationship. But are not very demonstrative. They are not the ones who will overlook faults. They are perfectionists in its best form. They are devoted, loving and caring. Its rare to find a Virgo, who is not considerate, or protective in his or her relationships.
Virgos are critical of things and criticize the smallest of faults. They are restless and judgmental. They worry too much and are fussy. At times, they are irritable and inflexible.
Taureans and Capricorns go best with a Virgo.

Libra(Sept 23rd to Oct 22rd)
Librans are demonstrative in love. If they love you, they will show that they love you. They do not inhibit their feelings. They are loyal and faithful, only if they find their true love. Highly romantic, and are born sensuous.
Librans can be very irritating and stubborn at times. They are grouchy, indecisive, fidgety and temperamental.
Librans walk best with Geminis and Aquarians.

Scorpio(Oct 23rd to Nov 22nd)
Scorpions are very passionate, as well as possessive. Be it in any relationship, they are very loyal. As they are very mysterious, one can often lose self in them. A Scorpion often tends to overlook even the biggest faults of the one they love and care. They are highly emotional, but one can seldom see their emotional side. It is normally kept under heavy wraps.
Scorpions are in a habit of not forgetting the one who has hurt them. They tend to be very stubborn. Get aggressive often, are highly secretive and get jealous easily.
Cancerians and Pisceans are the ones who can match up to the wave-lengths of a Scorpion.

Sagittarius(Nov 23rd to Dec 21st)
Sagittarians are very trustworthy. Never ever should one doubt a Sagittarian. For them, it is like hitting them, when it hurts the most. They need their freedom, even when in a relationship. They love compliments. They are willing to take any risk, and can go to any heights in love. One of the greatest problems with a Sagittarian is that, it is tough to get them commit in a relationship. However, if they do, then they stick to it, and are highly loyal.
Sagittarians can be very curious and inquisitive at times. They take lot of time to decide. They are extravagant, tactless and quite hot-headed. They are not the kind who look before they leap. They tend to act and speak, without thinking about the consequences.
Arians and Leos are a Sagittarians perfect match.

Capricorn(Dec 22nd to Jan 19th)
Capricorns are tolerant in any relationship. One can depend on a Capricorn any day, without the fear of regretting it. They never run away from commitments. Possessive and are always there to lend their helping hands.
Capricorns are short-tempered, pessimistic, stubborn, unforgiving, disdainful and withdrawn. Never do they lose an opportunity to taunt or criticize others.
Taurus and Virgo flock together with a Capricorn.

Aquarius(Jan 20th to Feb 19th)
One can never be bored when in a relationship with an Aquarian. They are quite inventive and surprise ones around them in a regular basis. They hardly get jealous, and even if they do, they do not let their emotion out or flow. They are loyal, and sticks to the one, who sticks to them, no matter what the situation is. They are caring, emotional and sensitive.
They are prone to mood swings. Tend to be tactless, suspicious and are outrightly rude at times.
Aquarians are at fun with Geminis and Librans.

Pisces(Feb 20th to Mar 19th)
Pisceans are romantic and artistic to the core. They are committed and loyal partners. Quite easy to go along with, and easily understands others, even before he or she voices out. Pisceans prefer to be in long-term relationships.
Pisceans are prone to extreme emotions. Not at all are they economical. They are temperamental, judgmental, self-centered, and fickle-minded.
Pisceans are in their best when with a Cancerian and a Scorpion.