Matal Bird Feeders

As people love to watch birds feeding in their gardens, various companies have items that will help bring these wild birds to us. One such item is that of feeders. With so many types of feeders available to you it may be a little difficult and confusing to know which feeder type is best. Metal Bird Feeders combine practical usage with elegance and beauty to make your garden an inviting place for birds.

Perky Pet which is a leading supplier of wild bird products has some interesting metal bird feeders for you to choose from. As there are a large number of feeders, only a few will be described here. Should these bird feeders appeal to your tastes then you’ll be able to view other types that are available.

The Sunflower Garden Metal Lantern Bird Feeder has an elegant and stylish design. It’s made from durable powder coated metal in a beautiful garden green color. This feeder has the construction strength to provide you with years of bird feeding pleasure and comes with an 8 inch metal wire hanger.

The perches are in a “U” shape which is much preferred by feeder birds. The sides of the feeder are etched with a sunflower plexiglass design. These clear sides give you a view of the seed level within the metal bird feeders. You can keep 5 pounds of bird seed inside of the feeder and this bird feeder is designed for hanging.

The Copper Accented Bird Feeder is another metal bird feeder by Perky Pet Bird Feeders. This feeder has sparkling copper accents on the feeder. There is a unique seed dispensing tray at the bottom of the feeder. The feeder is made from powder coated metal in a decorative green coloring. It’s in the style of a tube feeder, but the roof of the feeder is a copper plated top.

There are 4 feeding ports that have copper hoods above them, and also 4 copper perches as well. The base of these metal bird feeders is made from copper as well. In addition there are 4 more feeding ports. This 8 feeder port, tube bird feeder becomes a distinctive addition to your garden. The Copper Accented Bird Feeder will hold 6 pounds of seed mix or sunflower seeds. A heavy duty metal wire hanger is included with this feeder.

The last type of metal bird feeders comes from Heritage Farms. This Deluxe Seed and Suet Double Sided Bird Feeder has an attractive copper top. It’s made of durable metal that will withstand whatever the weather throws at it and is squirrel and raccoon resistant as well. There are 2 sides that birds can eat seed from. In addition there are 2 suet feeder cages located on the sides of the metal bird feeders.

Any of these unique metal bird feeders will add an elegant and decorative touch to your garden and will also have the benefit of attracting many birds to your garden.