Mastering Public Speaking

Key Things to Mastering Public Speaking

Knowing something is just a beginning of it all, the application is the harder part.

While you may find encouraging thoughts and advertisements in the internet which say that you can master public speaking in so short a period of time (the shortest by far is one day!), you must understand that mastering something requires pure dedication, endless hours of practices and belief in the knowledge you have with you.

To be a master is to dedicate one’s passion into something. If you have already encountered the guide for mastering public speaking in one day, you must have already thought that this is the best way to overcome your fear of public speaking or to develop yourself into a better speaker. But no. That is a hopeful thought but not necessarily true. Remember that an oaf could not transform himself into a wise man overnight.

One of the initial steps in mastering the art of public speaking is to overcome social anxiety and other fears. There’s no way to deliver a good speech if your hands and jaws are trembling or if your feet and legs are unstable. In the same that you cannot climb a mountain that easy and fast if you carry with you boulders that prevent you from climbing.

In reality there’s no real reason for us to fear public speaking. In fact, people instinctively want to be heard and listened to. However, once we realize that we have to address a crowd with varied population, we begin to back down and feel the nerves creeping. This is quite intriguing though since there are no concrete evidences that humans have to react this way. Nevertheless, it is the reality that most of us are facing.

Perhaps largely because of the fear of becoming a failure or of being scrutinized due to the exposure of inabilities that we have, we cumulatively perceive public speaking as one thing that is reserved only for those with brains and guts. It would be hard to eliminate this frame of thinking but once fear separates from belief then most of us, if not all, will become perfectly suited for addressing the public.

Practice, practice, practice, that’s all that matters most. After the removal of unnecessary fears, one should work on training himself and developing the skills he knew through research and observation.

Experience will tell everything. This is the way that all great orators and public speakers have gone through. The good news is that there are no shorter roads that you can thread so that you would master public speaking in just a couple of days or weeks. As funny as it might sound, “no short cuts” means that you have no other choice but undergo the full spectrum of experiences- from the lowest to the uplifting experiences there is. This way, you could develop gradually and learn from all the errors and triumphs that accompany each experience.

You must never be afraid to commit mistakes. While that would put you in an awkward position of situating yourself towards you highest expectations yet failing them in return, you still must not be discouraged by each failure you commit. All humans are subjected to such experiences and no great man has ever become great without even sharing in the common bowl of disappointments.