Massage Therapy Supplies

For the massage therapist there are different items that are needed to carry on their business of helping people recover the benefits of living a peaceful life. These various products can be found in different stores that sell these massage therapy supplies. There are also companies that will be happy to introduce the novice therapist to massages to their various products.

We are all familiar with many of these products. We understand that for a massage a table or a bed is vital. Additionally oils, lotions and gels can also be used in the various techniques of massage therapy. Beyond these massage therapy supplies there is a vast choice and range of supplies and equipment that can be utilized by the massage therapist.

The first of these supplies that we should look briefly at is that of the oils that can be used. These oils are mainly essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. Here the safety issues and contraindications of these oils are well known. The various oils that are not suited for massage therapies can be omitted from the range of massage therapy supplies.

To tote these various oils around you will need to have a sturdy case that can hold these oils upright without any spills occurring. As the bottles will cause the bag to become heavy the material of the tote bag needs to be strong and washable.

You may want to buy a glass fronted display stand so that any oil products that you want to sell can be seen by your customers. These display stands are also the best way to store your oils and lotions when they are not being used.

As hygiene is a matter for concern for many of your clients you can buy towels and washable massage table sheets. These items will help your customers feel safe when they are using your products. You should have a cabinet where you can store these accessories when you are not using them.

While massage tables or beds are the main equipment that a great many therapists use portable massage tables. The portable massage table is great for the masseuse to take with them when they visit a client. By taking their own table with them the masseuse is assured of having a firm base to work on

To make your massage office look professional you will need to have a receptionist’s office table and some comfortable chairs for potential clients to sit down on. While the massage is being conducted you will need to have a massage stool for you to sit down on.

These are just a few of the various massage therapy supplies that the successful massage therapist needs. You may need to add more of these supplies as you learn more about your clients needs.